Prevent and Naturally Treat Cancer with Gerson Coffee Enema

Prevent and Naturally Treat Cancer with Gerson Coffee Enema
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Not many people realise that it is possible to treat cancer with holistic options that trigger no harmful side effects on the body. In contemporary medicine, the traditional technique has continuously been chemotherapy and radiation treatment. While they do work and kill off cancer cells, the issue with both is that they likewise damage healthy cells further compromising the body. There needs to be a better way, and that is precisely what Dr Max Gerson thought when he developed the “Gerson Therapy”.

Coffee enemas to reverse cancer by detoxing

You might be questioning – what is the Gerson treatment? Well simply put, the latter is a holistic treatment developed by a German-American physician by the name of Dr Max Gerson who then began utilising it in 1928 as an alternative treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases. At the heart of therapy lies using Gerson coffee enema detox in addition to a natural, plant-based diet that includes raw vegetables and fruit juices. The objective is to significantly cleanse the body and take advantage of its’ innate ability to heal itself of illness.

It is a known reality that increased toxicity in the body is instrumental in the development of dreaded cancer cells. If that holds true, then the first step towards reversing cancer growth ought to be the reduction of overall harmful levels in the body. You can do just that with day-to-day dosages of coffee enema under Gerson treatment.

Undoubtedly a considerable part of Gerson therapy as a holistic cancer treatment focus on making use of coffee enemas to flush out embedded waste and faecal matter in the liver and colon. Cancer clients can turn to coffee enemas to detoxify themselves and give the body immune system the chance it needs to recover and bring back the body. Caffeine introduced internally through an enema has the wanted effect of improving liver functions (bile production) and stimulating deep bowel movement strong enough to loosen up waste and faecal matter lodged in the colon and small intestines of the body.

Taking coffee enemas to recuperate from cancer

While the medical community does not support taking coffee enemas as a form of cancer treatment, lots of having found much success in the said treatment, particularly in the early phases.

In one study, a group of clients that took a coffee enema for lung cancer experienced an exceptional 5-year survival rate thanks to enhanced kidney and liver functions in the body. One man, in particular, was declared cancer-free after a period of 2 years and this was after he was given a terminal diagnosis for lung cancer. It is cases like these that make coffee enemas and Gerson therapy well worth considering particularly with people who have had no success with traditional cancer treatment.

Coffee enema for weight reduction

So are coffee enemas just for individuals aiming to avoid and treat cancer? Not necessarily so and the procedure has a broad series of other advantages that make it ideal for just about anybody striving to live a much healthier and higher quality of life.

Another notable benefit of taking coffee enemas is that it helps with weight-loss. The quantity of waste and harmful deposits removed following the treatment can weigh many pounds making individuals feel lighter and much healthier immediately after the procedure. Coffee enemas as a recipe for weight loss  work due to the cleansing result of coffee enemas also provide the body more energy to burn excess fat deposits thereby helping with your weight-loss efforts. If you are having difficulty dropping weight no matter how much you work out and eat healthily, then coffee enemas may just be the last piece that you are missing.

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