What does nature have for your gallstones?

What does nature have for your gallstones?
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Gallstones are a common condition in many people around the world. It is very easy to find people who follow unhealthy diets and also suffer from gallstones. Diets that are high in cholesterol and sodium can create stones, although some people are more prone to develop this kind of condition. Sometimes these stones can be very small and stay almost imperceptible for the patient for many years. Many people don’t even know they have them.

Natural remedies for gallstones

Mother nature is very wise and always has something at hand to help us alleviate pain and some diseases. There are plenty of herbs, leaves, roots, and flowers that are commonly used for different treatment and diseases that make our bodies suffer.

Pain and its solution

Some patients have reported strong pain when suffering from gallstones, so every once in a while they prepare a cleansing mixture to help the body naturally dissolve gallstones by its effort. Doctors have not widely supported these claims and most of the times suggest undergoing surgery to remove the stones.

Sweet pineapple

Pineapples are some of the best fruits of nature; they have so many benefits that people take it in pills, dried, juice or cooked. The best way to use it for gallstone treatment is by making juice with it. You need to peel the pineapple and remove most of the brown eyes it has on its skin. Put it in a blender with some water, just to allow a smooth blending. Use the core of the pineapple in your juice and drink it with the fiber it contains. Do not use a colander since the fiber will be stuck there and it is a crucial part of the treatment.

Cleansing mixture

It is made from olive oil, herbs, and juice. The ones who decide to try this must consume it for a few days and nothing more. It is not recommended to have such poor ingestion of nutrients for a longer period. Be sure to tell your family doctor of your intentions on using a real gallstones remedy. And if you doubt on getting surgery, this would be a good moment to tell him or her.

Apple juice

Some people say that apple juice may help soften the stones and therefore it helps your body get naturally rid of them. You can drink up to 1qt of juice every day. Remember this is additional to your diet and not as a single element to be consumed.

Lower your fat

The main reason why people develop gallstones is because their diet is full of fat and therefore their liver produces more and more bile to help digest it. Bile is kept in the gallbladder, and it is there that some stones can be formed. They may be from cholesterol or bile.

How do you gallbladder work?

In plain English, the gallbladder emulsifies fat. It is like soap when trying to wash greasy dishes after a heavy meal. When fatty meals are ingested, the gallbladder pushes bile through a duct into the small intestine to help digest and decompose fat.

Gallstones vary in color, shape, and size. They can go from the small sand like grains up to enormous golf-like balls. Some severe cases have shown the patient with the gallstone protruding from one side of the stomach because of the blockage; this may cause strong pain in the abdominal region in general.

What about surgery?

Surgery consists of the permanent removal of the gallbladder so that there is no place to store bile when the body gets a fatty meal and produces more bile to digest what is coming.

Doctors usually recommend surgery to have the gallbladder removed since it happens to be a frequent episode in some people, especially if there is a gallstones history and your family if you are over forty years and lead an unhealthy diet.

Some people are willing to completely change the way they eat to avoid surgery, this may be due to some fear of medical procedures, or maybe they think that it is healthier to change their eating habits and leaving their bile to continue doing its job.


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