Top 3 Chinese Herbs That Help Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Top 3 Chinese Herbs That Help Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction
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The issue of Erectile Dysfunction or ED is not only a condition that is prevalent only in the modern world. It has been plaguing men of the ancient world too for centuries and being a very uncomfortable social issue different types of cure have been researched in every society. The Chinese which is one of the oldest civilizations that gave the world much did have the problem of ED. They searched high and low for a cure but did not find any, but what they came up were three types of herbs that did not cure but helped in improving libido. It also helped in bringing ED under control but could not find a cure.

It should be understood that most of these herbal medicines that are used around the world for various health issues are still to receive the approval of the United States FDA. Unless and until that approval is forthcoming the authorities in the US would look at them with a step-motherly attitude.

Herbal medicine is proliferating around the world and is taking quite a chunk of the world economy in its stride but the US is still oblivious of that fact. The authorities do not want to burn their fingers with something that they are not sure about and are completely clueless. The US is not even attempting to get these approved from a national point of view as they feel it would overwhelm its pharmaceutical industry. The US pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars and they just do not want to upset the apple cart.

#1. Panax Notoginseng

This is an ancient Chinese herb that is still used prolifically by them to treat ED and is also a dual action medication that could improve and sustain libido in men. Ginseng, as it is popularly known, ensures that blood flow is increased to the penis. The reason that ED occurs is when the blood vessels in the penis do not get its required quantum of blood flow. When men are young it is all systems go, and hence the issue of blood flow to the penis is not a problem. That is why young men have an erection at the slightest of sexual desire that creeps into their mind and they are aroused.

Ginseng helps immensely and would also address other issues like anxiety, mental imbalance, diabetes and a host of other common diseases. It could also treat insomnia and other sleep issues, in fact, the Chinese and all other surrounding countries such as Korea, Thailand, and others swear by Ginseng and the effects it has on the sexual drive of men as well as women. Ginseng is now available in many forms with most of them being manufactured to match international standards.


#2. Horny Goat Weed

It is a very enticing name for a very effective herb to treat ED which has been used for centuries and is now slowly gaining acceptance in the public domain. This is an herb which could be found in different preparations for easy consumption. It has treated ED in men for many years and is accepted well by the Chinese. It is all natural and it helps to correct that most important of ED that is becoming more of a social ill rather than a sexual problem. There is so much information on ED that you could gain tons of knowledge if you delve into it.

This has been tested over centuries and in the recent past in laboratories for any signs of increased heartbeats and other issues which could be detrimental to anyone’s health. The findings have been enlightening so far but it is still to be approved by the United States FDA. Till such time that approval comes, this herbal product would be in the doldrums as far as the UDS market is concerned.


#3. Ginkgo Biloba

This is another very popular herb which has been passed down through generations and has been proved in use to help in libido and ensure ED does not hinder sexual intercourse. The world is at a very crucial crossroad, unable to find a permanent cure for this sickness that spreading very fast globally. There is a popular notion that prevails around most societies that herbs would be the answer for everything. Ginkgo Biloba is just one of them and has been offered at the right before the other chemically induced products are not introduced in the market.

It is imperative that the world with globalization stepping in is moving from an artificial world to one of the local and natural products. The world is slowly seeing the chaos that we are experiencing in every nook and corner of the world. Drugs of all types are proliferating which could be detrimental to our health in the long term. It would be natural products that would be replacing the medicines as we know them. If that happens it would be good for the people of the world but definitely not for the pharmaceutical companies. There are many such herbs that are freely available, affordable, effective and safe to use than other chemical products.



Modernization is creating openings and if the world could derive all their medications from herbs it would be the best thing that happened in a very long time. Diseases are increasing and the cost of medication is also increasing and it won’t be long when affordability would be a problem. The world community should turn to see what the best options are to treated everyone and if we could derive whatever we want naturally the world would be a better place. We could be a complete herbal dependent world if we could turn to the most logical way of treating our sick. The Chinese have perfected their Chinese Traditional Medication to such a great extent that they have an edge above all others. If anyone would be disillusioned with modern medicine they would have herbal medication to solve the problem.

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