Things to be aware of if you use marijuana

Things to be aware of if you use marijuana
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Up until a couple of decades ago, the use of marijuana was illegal, across the USA. Today, thirty-three states have legalized its use in one form or another. But, each of those states has taken a slightly different approach. So, a lot of people still have questions about what is legal and what is not. Below, we are going to do our best to answer some of those questions, or at least point you in the right direction. 

Can I be arrested for being high on marijuana?

In states where recreational use is legal, most people are confident about using marijuana in their own homes. But, they are less sure about using it while out in public. An awful lot of people ask can you get arrested for being high on marijuana. In most states, the answer is that it depends.

For example, in Florida, you can be arrested for being high in public. But, only if you are endangering others, property or causing a disturbance you could get arrested. The other thing to note is that if you endanger someone in your own home or cause a disturbance, you could also potentially be arrested.

Could I get arrested for smoking marijuana in public?

You cannot smoke marijuana in places where the general public has access. But, how this rule is applied varies from state to state. Therefore, the best way to handle things is not to smoke vape or consume cannabis products in public places. Some states are considering allowing certain establishments, such as cafes, to allow marijuana consumption on their premises. But, these places would need to have a license.

Are there any restrictions on using marijuana in residential property?

Weirdly, the answer to this one is yes there can be. Again, you have to look at things on a state by state basis. But, if you live in rented or sheltered accommodation you may not be able to smoke it in your home. There is also growing concern about it being consumed in homes while children are present.

Where to get up to date information 

The other thing you need to bear in mind is that fact that the laws surrounding the use of marijuana are still in a state of flux. So, it is very important to stay up to date. Particularly if you are planning to travel or move to other states. The laws differ. So, if you are used to using marijuana for a medical condition, you could find that it is no legal for you to do so if you move to another state. 

If you want up to date information we suggest that you visit this link and take a look at the marijuana map you will find there. Below the map, is a state-by-state table that provides you with a link to each state’s official websites. Make sure that you take the extra step of clicking through and reading through all of the information. You have to bear in mind that we are not trained legal experts, so you really should do some further research as well as reading this article.

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