The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Jiaogulan Tea

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Jiaogulan Tea
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The History of the Herbs

Over the years, herbal medicine has been widely used since the days of the ancient people who used them to treat various health complications.The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Native American Indians and African cultures were known to use herbs in healing rituals extensively.

In the 19th Century, herbs began being used as conventional medicine with scientists inventing techniques to extract active compounds from the plants to develop synthetic versions of the popular potent drug that we have today.

Today, scientists have carried out many studies on different hers to ascertain their potency because most only grew in the wild and many of these herbs are truly potent.At least there is enough information online to verify with clear facts the use of each herb enlightening people more.

What Are the Findings of the Jiaogulan Tea?

Jiaogulan tea has not been left behind in the new scientific research it has been studied for obvious benefits that had been found evident in its traditional users and confirmed to be true.Promoting longevity, lowering bad cholesterol, reducing blood sugars and body stress are some of the benefits that scientists found out.

Though highly effective in some people it has been found out to affect others negatively.  The fact that some people suffer serious side effects of this herb should not be ignored at all.  It is important for a beginner to understand the truth and only start using it after a consultation with his/her doctor.

The Best Advice about Choosing to Use the Jiaogulan tea

  • Jiaogulan tea can be utilized for health, but it is important to always see your doctor or a licensed herbalist first before starting to use it.
  • This tea is not a substitute for any proper medical treatment and advice; it is only supported for your health.
  • It is an example of the rare herbs that restores balance all the five body systems – cardiovascular, digestive, immune, reproductive and nervous.
  • It is not biologically related to the Ginseng herb but is more potent.
  • It can be taken as an iced tea for all those who don’t like hot tea.
  • You should eat the leaves as well as they also have a pleasant taste
  • Though it is indigenous in Southern China, it can grow in many other parts of the world where clean air and healthy soil is found.
  • It can be found in many health food stores or stores specializing in herbal products around the world or can be bought online but always ensure it is from a reputable source.
  • It can contain more than 80 different types of Saponins that are useful in the cells regeneration and body building.
  • For all those who don’t suffer from its side effects, one can enjoy up to four cups of the tea spread throughout the day without any problem.
  • Jiaogulan has been shown to increase the time blood takes to clot, use it wisely with the advice of your physician or a licensed herbalist.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should not use this tea; it is not safe for them.


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