Step In The Healthcare Industry As A Phlebotomist With Relevant Training

Step In The Healthcare Industry As A Phlebotomist With Relevant Training
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To survive and excel in today’s ever increasing competitive workplace health professionals must pursue appropriate training from reliable and reputed medical school so that they understand their job duties and responsibilities better. A career in phlebotomy is lucrative and rewarding and hence many people across the globe choose to be professional phlebotomists for earning handsome, good reputation and immense growth.  Phlebotomy job is highly demanding as phlebotomists have to deal with numerous patients of different age group, gender, profession, location, medical history, present health condition, etc. with great care and professionalism.

Focus on minute details

The primary duty of phlebotomists is to draw blood from the patients for the medical testing san bernardino ca. But numerous actions need to be performed before and after venipuncture. Nowadays doctors rely on blood test reports for determining the root cause of disease and then decide the line of treatment accordingly. A slight error in phlebotomy procedures might result in wrong test result consequently the patient might end up in serious health hazard which could ruin the reputation of the health organization too.

Though phlebotomy can be performed doctors, nurses, nurse aides and medical technicians but knowing the importance of phlebotomy most of the healthcare centers, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, etc. hire qualified phlebotomist who has a pleasing personality, focus on relevant details and have in-depth knowledge of venipuncture. Labeling the tubes with patients’ personal information such as name, DOB, age, test requested, etc. have to be done with full concentration.

Choose the right equipment

The safe germ-free environment is necessary for both patents and healthcare working professionals hence it is the responsibility of phlebotomists to adhere all the laboratory safety procedures.  Phlebotomists must be familiar with a variety of equipment and supplies such as needles, syringes, holder/adapter, tourniquet, alcohol wipes, povidone-iodine wipes/swabs, gauze sponges and phlebotomy tubes for performing the phlebotomy procedure without any complexity.

The knowledge of the order of draw, additives, function of individual additives, concentration, etc. could be immensely beneficial for carrying out the procedure with perfection and avoiding cross contamination. The proper order is

  • Red-gray or gold –SST
  • Dark green-sodium heparin
  • Light green- PST
  • Lavender- EDTA
  • Pale yellow- ACDA or ACDB
  • Light gray- oxalate/fluoride

The significance of proper site selection

After identifying patients for the right test experienced phlebotomists first try to communicate with the patients in a friendly manner and then make them comfortable before stating venipuncture. Developing interpersonal skills such as good listening ability, self-confidence, work ethics, collaboration, patience, etc. will have a great positive impact on the overall personality of the phlebotomists, and they can conveniently convince patient to be cooperative during the procedure.

Choosing the site for piercing is an important decision that has to be taken with full considerations. Some patients are highly sensitive to blood, and thus wrong site selection might result in excessive bleeding, feeling light-headed, fainting, nerve damage, hematoma, and infection. Patients care utmost important in healthcare, and hence phlebotomists have to be very much confident about selecting a right site at first attempt. Monitoring the sterilization of puncture sites is also an essential step to prevent infection.

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