5 Reasons Responsible for Erectile Dysfunction in Men

5 Reasons Responsible for Erectile Dysfunction in Men
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There are several things, which are responsible for a man’s sexual arousal like, muscles, hormonal secretion, brain, blood vessels, nerves and emotions as well. A recent study has shown that the problem of erectile dysfunction is increasing and modern-day lifestyle and eating habits are the reasons behind it. The same study has revealed that more than 30 million American men are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

With advancing age, hormonal secretion decreases and so does the blood circulation. Physiological and psychological reasons are responsible for the issue of erectile dysfunction. Here are a couple of things you are supposed to know so that you can avoid them.


This is one of the reasons, which are disturbing the relationship of couples around the world. Men are suffering from erectile dysfunction because of depression. Depression has become an inevitable part in this competitive world. This serves as a hindrance when they are performing in bed. In this situation, it is imperative to visit a sexologist and have a word about levitra generika kaufen to take you out of this trouble.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are related to each other and everyone of us faces it at some point of life. If a man is suffering from performance anxiety in office or has any work related problem, it will affect his sexual abilities also. A mentally tired person cannot perform in the bedroom. You need to keep the office stress out of your home, this way you can make a balance between their personal life and professional life.

Lack of physical activity

People who are couch potatoes or those people who are consuming unhealthy food items and staying away from physical activities are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This kind of people wake up late and start eating junk foods from the morning, they came back home late at night and all they do is to eat and sleep.


This is a chronic disease which lowers the blood circulation and responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. When the sugar level in body increases, a diabetic person will feel lethargic and lose interest in sex. You can deal with this situation with proper medication and improved lifestyle.


Other types of medications, which you take to cure other diseases, may be responsible for ED. This can easily be sorted out with the help of herbal treatments and levitra generika kaufen.

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