Kidney Failure- Signs and Symptoms you must not ignore

Kidney Failure- Signs and Symptoms you must not ignore
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Kidney disease affects more than 850 million people across the world. This number is twice the no of people with diabetes (420 million) and 20 times more than cancer (42 million) or HIV/AIDS (36.7 million). Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of having a kidney problem. They don’t notice the symptoms, thus making this disease a “hidden epidemic”. Metallic taste in the mouth is one such common symptom that people think is just a dentistry problem, but may also be a sign of kidney disease. So, here are the top 10 signs that reflect a kidney failure:

  1. Fatigue or tiredness: Healthy kidneys secrete a protein called Erythropoietin or EPO into the blood. This protein is actually responsible for the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen to different parts of the body. Impaired kidneys stop making this protein, due to which the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood reduces and your muscles will always feel tired. This condition is called “Anemia”.
  2. Shivering, even in warm temperature: Anemia can make you shiver all the time even in warm temperature.
  3. Decreased urination: In kidney problem, there are early signs of less urination. The kidneys are responsible for flushing out toxins from our body. Impaired functioning reduces this urine output and increases the blood volume.
  4. Breath shortness: Because of anemia, the oxygen-carrying capacity to lungs reduces which results in shortness of breath. Also, there might of extra accumulation of fluids in the lungs due to less urination.
  5. Swelling in hands or feet: Impaired kidney function accumulates the extra fluid inside the body due to which swelling of hands or feet occurs.
  6. Swollen or puffy eyes and face: Because of the same reason, there might be swelling or puffy eyes and face.
  7. Metallic taste in the mouth: Because the kidneys don’t function properly, there is an accumulation of fluids in the blood. This condition is called uremia. This results in penny-like taste in the mouth. This reduces your eating capacity and you end up losing weight.
  8. Episodes of nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset: Uremia (toxins in the blood) can cause nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset episodes. This again results in loss of appetite and loss of weight.
  9. Urge to urinate more often especially in the night: When kidney function is impaired, then it may not flush out the extra volume and toxins properly. Hence, it increases the urge to urinate more often. The urine may turn pale. However, this may also be the sign of urinary infection or enlarged prostate gland in men.
  10. Presence of blood traces in the urine: When the filters of the kidneys are damaged, blood cells start leaking out in the urine. Hence, you find blood traces in the urine.

Take away point:

Whenever you observe any of the above signs, you must not ignore and visit your physician to get your body checked. These signs may be a signal of hidden kidney disease.

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