Huge News! Penile Stretching Works

Huge News! Penile Stretching Works
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Its great to say that we can stretch the penis out, but what does that actually mean? What do you need to target and most importantly, where do you start to target them?

Every non-surgical penis lengthening method works by stretching one of the two penile structures: Either the fundiform and suspensory ligaments or the tunica albuginea.

Consistent Longitudinal Stretching

You need to stretch your limp penis continuously and consistently every day for at least a few months, and you can be sure that this technique will lengthen it. The problem is the ‘continuously’ and ‘consistently’ part. It’s quite challenging because you need to find the time and privacy to maintain the motivation to exert enough force to promote that perpetual growth in your penis.

There are certainly, ‘man operated’ stretching methods that can work if you’re prepared to put in the extensive time and energy into it; and have the methodical nature to assess and reassess your progress over months and tweak and improve your ‘exercises’ where appropriate.

Automating Your Stretching

Thankfully, there are much better ways… some that eliminate the need for you to put forth conscious input and some almost automate the whole process. Say hello to a medical grade penile traction; all you have to do is just strap it on and leave it to deliver consistent and precise controlled levels of force every day.

Medical grade penile traction devices need minimal user interaction — thus staying motivated shouldn’t be much of a problem. They provide stretch levels that are carefully calibrated to achieve the desired penile growth. There are also effective non-invasive outpatient procedures available; for more information visit  

How do you go about stretching the tunica albuginea?

There’s not just one way to achieve this, and these methods use internal blood pressure to stretch the surrounding sheath from the inside out. These special exercises try to trap the blood inside the penile shaft — using a grip that you need to make with your fingers (similar to a tourniquet) — this motion forces the trapped blood toward the length of your shaft. When doing these types of exercises, you attempt to stretch out the tunica albuginea by using blood pressure — from the inside to the outside.

Stretching the Tunica Albuginea by Pumping

Penis pumping isn’t a pastime Doctors traditionally recommended. Yes, you place your penis in that luminous cylinder, and within just a few minutes, you can see the near-miraculous transformation of your penis.

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