How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Computer And Mobile Screen?

How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Computer And Mobile Screen?
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The light from computers, mobile phones or tablets is very harmful to the eyes. If you are one of those who spend the day working in front of a computer, these symptoms will surely sound familiar to you: tired eyesight, watery and irritated eyes and blurred vision.

This is nothing more than the direct consequence of spending the day in front of a screen. And, although it may not seem like it, it can be more dangerous than you think. If you work more than 30 hours a week, you should monitor your health.

Sight is one of the most precious senses and easy to wear out, especially since today, we are surrounded by panels, and our eyesight is constantly stimulated.

Fortunately, everything has a solution. Therefore, we will look into a series of tricks on how to protect eyes from phone and reduce the damage that they can cause.

  1. Expand The Text

Although it may seem like a bit of obvious advice, some people still read on their mobile without expanding the text on the screen. This can cause a headache and fatigue, so we recommend increasing the font size of what you are reading (whenever possible).

  1. Blink

When we look at a screen, we unconsciously forget to blink, which dries our eyes. If your eyes still hurt after a long working day, it is best to use drops.

  1. Regulate The Brightness

The brightness of the screens can cause eyestrain and headaches. To avoid this problem, the best thing you can do is adjust the brightness of your computer screen or buy a protector that eliminates blue light.

  1. Adjust The Distance From The Screen

One should be 50 or 60 centimeters from the computer. Also, the top edge of the screen has to be at eye level. In this way, the upper eyelid can cover part of the eye and thus, prevent it from drying out.

  1. Rule Of 20-20

After spending 20 minutes working in front of a screen, the best thing you can do to rest your eyes is to look for 20 seconds at something that is about 5 or 6 meters away. This will help your eye muscles to get some exercise.

  1. Reduce The Use Of Air Conditioning

Turning on this ventilation system dries out the eye and produces what is known as dry eye. Therefore, it is preferable to minimize its use or also resort to office humidifier systems.

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