What goes on in a drug rehab center?

What goes on in a drug rehab center?
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Perhaps you or your loved ones are seeking treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse. Maybe you have tried quitting with little or no success. You have taken the bold step of joining a drug rehab clinic, but are not familiar with the treatment process. You are wondering what to expect from drug rehab. This article sheds light on what to expect from a drug rehab.  Rehabs vary, some offer help for specific drugs while others offer treatment for a broad range of drugs. Some cater to specific groups such as teens, women or men only.  Inpatient drug rehab requires the patient to live at the center, while outpatient allows you to come for treatment but continue to live at home. Regardless of the type of facility, the procedure remains relatively the same. Here is what to expect from a drug rehab.


Upon joining a rehab center, assessment of the patient is carried out. Assessment is usually done by social workers, psychologists, physicians, and counselors. The aim is to gain an understanding of your drug use, medical history, mental state and past treatments if any. It helps the rehab staff to diagnose your addiction and develop appropriate treatment plans.


The facility will come up with a detox plan that is unique to your addiction. Detox is usually monitored by medical personnel in case of any serious withdrawal symptoms. Medications may be offered to ease the sometimes dangerous withdrawal effects. Detox takes between three and seven days.


Therapy can be individual, group or family. A counselor facilitates the therapy sessions. It involves sharing your addiction stories with other patients and seeking ways of maintaining a drug-free life. Exercises, yoga, art, music, are also used to reduce anxiety in patients and refocuses their energies elsewhere.


The counselor has a one on one session with the patient. The sessions help the patient to open up and talk about any underlying causes of addiction. The counselor guides the patients towards embracing a new life.


Patients require support even after completing treatments. Rehab centers provide strategies to help you transition into the real world. It provides guides on how to avoid addiction triggers, and how to develop support groups to help you remain sober. Aftercare prevents relapses and ensures long term recovery.

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