Five of the Top Wallet-Friendly Lounges in Mumbai

Five of the Top Wallet-Friendly Lounges in Mumbai
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Mumbai is a city that never sleeps in India. It has the hustle-bustle of all the top cities in the world combined and infused into one. It has everything for everyone and no matter where you are from you can definitely feel like being at home in this amazing city. The enormous beauty and night life of this city is one of the reasons why it is the headquarters of the Bollywood industry.

That being said, a lot of struggling actors, new recruits for companies, or college students also reside in this wonderful city and their pocket isn’t as full as our famous celebrities. If you are looking for budget lounges, here are some of the best ones that you can find in the city of Mumbai:

  • Off the Grid:

If you are looking for some good Indian food in Mumbai, then you should definitely check out Off the Grid Andheri. It is the hangout place for all people who enjoy North Indian cuisine. If your friends have different tastes then don’t fret as this place also serves excellent authentic continental food. It has a very comfortable seating arrangement as it is more of an eating restaurant. With very well decorated walls and striking light arrangement, the restaurant is top notch in terms of ambience as well. The price is very pocket-friendly as it’s just about INR 1000 for two people on an average.

  • Ego Lounge:

This place doesn’t just have an innovative name, but an innovative ambience too. It is located in Borivali West suburbs and it’s the spot to be for all hookah lovers. Ego Lounge is designed as a place, which has a high feeling of its own. Blue lighting spreads across the umbrellas that adorn the ceiling. This place has tons of live performances and sports screenings also take place here. As for the various cuisines, you can enjoy Indian, Continental and Asian cuisines here.

  • Bhaijaanz Restaurant:

If you are a Bollywood lover and a foodie and obviously a fan of the Bhai of Bollywood that is Salman Khan, then this is the place for you. The entire décor circles around Bhaijaan. It has Salman’s famous dialogue posters as well as pictures of Bhai.  The balcony of this lounge is an exact replica of the actual house of Salman Khan. It is one of the most unique and famous lounges in the city.

  • Kailash Parbat:

Kailash Parbat is a casual dining lounge chain that has been top class for years with the best catering and friendly staff. Lots of excellent dishes are available at Kailash Parbat. If you are a hungry commuter looking for delicious food, the mouth-watering Chole Bhatura, Pav Bhaji and Ragada Pattice could be the perfect dishes to satiate your appetite. There are many more dishes available, but these are the best ones. Other than these, you get Chinese cuisine, which you can enjoy with your friends. The Pana Cotta dessert is to die for and you must try it.

  • Mezzo Veg Lounge:

The best part about Mezze Veg Lounge is that it just serves vegetarian. Therefore, if you are a veg lover, then this is the place to be. In case you are a health freak, you can have the Body Builder, Mezzo Salad and Make Me Happy salads along with Exotic Veg Khousey Soup. This place also offers North Indian, Continental and Italian cuisine. Therefore, if you are craving for some Italian food for a budget-friendly price, Mezzo Veg Lounge is the place to go.

With a thousand rupees in your pocket, the two of you can have a gala time at these wonderful places. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you should right now.

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