Final Stages of Mesothelioma

Final Stages of Mesothelioma
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This awful disease has a very dreadful effect in the final stage. The cancer cells start spreading from the initial area to other surrounding organs. It affects other internal organs and there is no option for surgery. At this stage, doctors generally opt for chemotherapy and radiation to slow down the development of the cancer cells and metastasis.

Stage four Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms is considered to be the end signal for the patient. Doctors only provide treatment to the patient to relieve pain from the disease. The life expectancy of the victim is reduced to about 12 months. You can say that it the end signal for the patient. There are various factors which affect the lifetime of this disease. The lifespan of the patient is reduced as per their age.

Try to opt for the stage 4 mesothelioma cancer treatment at the earliest. Younger patient will live more than an elderly patient because of their better health condition compared to an elder patient suffering from the same disease. The disease itself is diagnosed at a very later stage when the patient is about 50 to 65 years. By this time the tumors are already spread to other organs. Hence, there is no option for surgery.   

Life expectancy of the patient depends on the location of the tumor. A patient suffering from pericardial mesothelioma has a shorter lifetime compared to a patient suffering from testicular or peritoneal mesothelioma. A woman patient survives longer than a male mesothelioma patient.

The genetics, environment, lifestyle, race, kind of treatment and diagnosis also affects the lifespan of a mesothelioma patient. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the more the lifetime of the patient as treatment will start sooner. Early exposure of the disease is the main factor to achieve a longer lifetime even at the last stage of the disease. If one suspects that he or she is suffering from this disease then he or she should opt for medical advice without any delay. Once confirmed, the doctors will suggest the best treatment so that the cancer cells do not spread further.

The final stage symptoms of this disease are very severe and painful because the tumors start spreading to the other internal organs.  

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