Tasty flavours: 5 benefits of vape juice over cigarette smoke

Tasty flavours: 5 benefits of vape juice over cigarette smoke
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Taking on the vape is a logical transition for many smokers trying to kick the habit. eJuice contains far fewer contaminants than its cigarette counterpart, ensuring that it creates a smooth transitionary period between smoking and quitting altogether.

But that’s not the only benefit attributed to vape juice over cigarette smoke – the positives are numerous!

Let’s take a look at why eJuice is the better option than smoking:

  • It doesn’t smell so bad

Ciggie smoke is truly unpleasant for non-smokers – this is one of the reasons why it continues to be banned in so many public places. And whilst cigarettes produce that thick, uncomfortable-smelling smoke that is such a deterrent for so many people, vape eJuice barely produces any smell, and if it does, it is usually a pleasant aroma that the juice itself produces.

No more worrying about stinking out the lift with your horrible smoke smell – vapes have you covered.

  • It is cheaper

If you have ever bought cigarettes just once in Australia you will know one thing: it is damn expensive. Cigarette taxes go up regularly in this country, so regularly in fact the onus is placed upon the retailer to awkwardly tell you that they went up again on the 1st of whatever month.

eJuice, conversely, doesn’t come with the same hefty price tag that Australian cigarettes have. You get a lot of vapour for your buck with eJuice, so you don’t have to worry about running down to your local Coles and paying $50 every time you want to get a nicotine fix.

  • There are loads of tasty flavours

When it comes to cigarettes, you only really get variations on the one flavour: dirty ciggie flavour. And whilst cigarettes come in markedly different qualities, from your no name brands to your classic labels, they all pretty much have that same rank flavour that you know is because it is full of nasty chemicals.

eJuice, conversely, comes with a gigantic range of delicious flavours that make vaping far more enjoyable than that rotten old tobacco flavour. From grape to bubblegum, chocolate to vanilla and everything in between, you aren’t going to be short of choice when it comes to deciding on a delicious vaping flavour that really beats that of cigarette smoke.

  • Avoid that rank finger discolouration

Have you ever had an extra big night on the ciggies and woken up to find your fingers look like they’ve been dipped in turmeric? Or, has your habit been so bad that your fingers have taken on a rotten, continuous discolouration?

Well this is just one of the main drawbacks of smoking and something that every smoker hates to see. eJuice, conversely, doesn’t contain the contaminants that cigarettes do and therefore doesn’t cause that nasty finger discolouration.

What’s more, vapes don’t have the continuous pour of noxious smoke coming from their tip – the vapour is only there when you exhale it – and therefore you don’t have to worry about constant smoke airing itself around your fingers.

  • It doesn’t contain the same harmful chemicals

Finally, and possibly the biggest advantage of all – vaping contains far fewer contaminants than can be found in those nasty darts. Everyone knows smoking is incredibly harmful, and whilst studies continue into the effects of vaping, it simply doesn’t contain the same number of contaminants as its cigarette counterparts, meaning you aren’t filling your body with some of those bizarrely-nasty ingredients that can be found in ciggies.

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