Discover the reason for using a chillum

Discover the reason for using a chillum
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Are you tired of smoking in a dirty way and not able to even enjoy a hit that is very much needed? If yes then you must try out some fun ways by which the hit would stay for a long time. A hit that you can get from cannabis can be magical and beautiful provided you choose the right source for the same. There are different hybrids, strains, and even ways to smoke the amazing stuff which as a stoner you need to be aware of. One such option that can make your smoking experience amazing is chillum

Know more about chillum

Chillum is considered one of the exciting and favorite ways by which you can enjoy tripping. It is often preferred used by the long beard which baba but that is not the only people that use it. Chillum holds a huge hippie history and also has a spiritual belief. But if you consume it in the right way then it can offer some great experiences of smoking too. This means, enjoying a large size of bowl will give you a last it in a smoother way.

Understand the fact that chillum pipe is not a new concept. It was made from stone, clay, and animal horns. But now with advancements in today’s market, there are options of stainless steel and glass available too. There is still no clarity on what made chillum turn out to be so popular in countries like the United States but certainly, right after the hippie movement gained tremendous popularity, even chillum got demand.

Know why chillums are best for

Chillum is the best option for the solo tash. Because of the bowl size, you will have the best option to enjoy it. If you are quite new to ingesting cannabis, Chillum can be the best option, to begin with. 

Chillum is one of the finest options or micro-dosing. It should not be too high because if you want to enjoy a smooth and lasting hit micro-dosing is needed. All you need to do is load and start inhaling it once you light it. The experience that you would get is beyond explanation.


If you have been searching for a portable yet discreet option, then surely chillum is the best option to choose. You don’t have to do any extra preparation part. All it takes is a lighter yet interesting safe option and carry it in your pocket as well. Explore this interesting alternative to smoking and enjoy the fun experience.

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