CBD treats your pet would love

CBD treats your pet would love
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CBD offers a plethora of health and wellness benefits, and unbeknownst to many, humans are not the only ones to gain value from the compound. Recently, a new form of CBD has joined the market: specially designed CBD pet treats for your furry friend to enjoy.

Which pets can benefit from CBD?

CBD is more commonly offered for dogs, as they are larger, and their digestive systems react well to CBD. With cats, it can be a little more difficult, because they are a lot smaller than dogs, and require a much weaker dose of CBD.

CBD is not recommended for any pets other than cats and dogs due to a lack of research into how other animals may react to the compound. It is dangerous to guess the amount of CBD to give to your pet without being certain of the dosage requirements commented CBD Resource.

CBD benefits for pets

As with humans, there are so many ways that cats and dogs can benefit from a daily intake of CBD. With proper dosage, it has been used to treat everything from seizures, to sickness, stress and anxiety, cancer, and gastrointestinal issues. It reacts with the CBD receptors in our pets’ bodies, creating the wide range of beneficial responses we associate with the compound.

Namely, CBD’s calming properties are favoured the most for use on cats and dogs, with owners citing it helps their pet with stress, or even specific phobias. CBD has also been proven to help treat animals with bone and joint pain, with a recent study finding that dogs with osteoarthritis that received enriched CBD oil saw an increase in comfort and activity.

CBD treats for pets

There is a growing market of CBD treats available to purchase these days. While you can just add special CBD pet oil to your cat’s or dog’s standard food, you and your pet might find it more exciting to purchase specially made treats online.

Most CBD treats are designed for the purpose of relaxation, which can especially come in handy if you have a nervous pet that suffers from separation anxiety and has been known to tear up cushions or chew various parts of the furniture while left home alone. There are also specific CBD pet treats designed for treating joint and bone pain.

The price of CBD pet treats tends to range around the £10 to £30 mark, but this varies largely depending on the size of the treat bag on offer. If you’re buying CBD pet treats online, maybe start small with your purchase first- the last thing you want is to waste your money on a huge bag if your cat or dog won’t eat.

Should I make my own CBD pet treats?

At this present moment, it is unadvisable to make your own CBD pet treats unless you are entirely certain on what you are doing. This is because it is very easy to add too much CBD to a product- especially if you are infusing with CBD designed for human consumption (which is certainly not recommended).

There are tutorials online, but follow them with caution- and if something seems off, don’t risk it. In this case, the better alternative is always to purchase your treats online from a trusted seller.

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