Top tips to Help You Recover from a Slip and Fall Injury: A case study

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Were you the victim of a slip and fall injury pompano fl? And, were the consequences severe? What is your legal recourse, if any?

By way of answering all these questions, let’s assume for the purposes of this discussion, that you were walking around the local shopping mall. You noticed that cleaners were cleaning the floor up ahead, but there were no notifications that the floors were wet where you were walking.

Consequently, you slipped and fell on the wet floor and broke your right wrist. It was a compound fracture and needed surgery to pin it back together. This resulted in time off work and extensive physical therapy after four to six weeks in a plaster cast.

Needless to say, your medical bills are piling up, and your income is virtually zero because you’ve been unable to work for at least two months. You do not have private short-term disability insurance. A friend of yours has suggested you look at filing a slip and fall injury claim against the owners of the building. A successful claim will cover the outstanding medical bills, pay for the physical therapy treatment, and replace income lost.

Thus, the question that begs is: How do you go about filing a personal injury claim.  By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points:

Hire a knowledgeable personal injury attorney

This is the essential step and the starting point of the process. A professional injury attorney in Ventura, CA, has the knowledge, skill, and experience to fill out the claim forms and submit them in the local civil court. Copies of medical documents, injury reports, lost income, and medical bills need to be collected and added with the application. Because you are effectively disabled, your attorney will arrange copies of all the required documents.

Additionally, most personal injury claims are settled out of court. Thus, your attorney will negotiate the best settlement on your behalf.

Take care of yourself

Once the legal process is underway and taken care of by a legal expert, the next step is to take the time to heal both physically and emotionally.

There are, unfortunately, emotional consequences to your incident that range from shock right after the accident to anxiety that you will fall again when walking around. There will be a certain amount of stress and tension involved when dealing with mounting medical bills and falling income. Thus, it is vital to trust your attorney to negotiate the best possible settlement that will take care of the financial aspects of the accident.

Also, physical injury takes time to heal. Practically stated, it takes several weeks (or more) for the bone to knit together correctly, even if the parts have been surgically pinned together. Therefore, it’s essential to allow yourself the time to heal emotionally and physically from the stress and trauma of the accident.

Final thoughts

Being involved in an accident, whether it is the result of a slip and fall incident or a car accident, is never easy. However, it is vital to let your attorney look after the legal aspects of the accident while you concentrate on healing physically and emotionally.

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