Back Pain: All the Facts you should know

Back Pain: All the Facts you should know
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Back pain is certainly the evil of our century. Sedentary employment, poor posture, heavy loads to wear or simply sensitivity, back pain strikes without warning at any age. It must be said that the spine is the central part of our skeleton. And the back, with 244 muscles and 33 vertebrae, is a complex structure. To prevent or cure back pain, follow the guide.

Diagnose your Back Pain

In various forms, the back pain takes different names depending on the affected areas.

If you have neck pain, we talk about neck pain. If you have low back pain, it is low back pain. If you have pain in the lower back, it is called kidney tower or sacrum pain.

Finally if you have pain in the middle of the back, we talk about back pain. In some cases, when the pain starts from the back and extends into the leg, it is called sciatica.

In most cases, back pain is not a cause for concern. It heals itself in 90% of cases. But if you have back pain for more than three months, it is a chronic back pain that requires the advice of a specialist.

Causes and Factors of Back Pain

Every movement, or almost, solicits our back every day. No wonder, therefore, that back pain regularly points the tip of his nose. But not enough to be alarmed, it is most often mechanical.

It can come from a muscle contracture due to a bad posture or a wrong movement, a physiological cause such as a pregnancy or an internal cause such as muscle insufficiency or scoliosis.

More rarely, back pain can result from a disease such as an infection or a tumor. As it turns out, the extra pounds, a stressful daily or a lack of physical activity open the doors to back pain.

Overcome Back Pain

The treatment of back pain is adapted according to its cause. If you consult a doctor, he will most often give you analgesic treatment for pain or even a few days of rest. You can also opt for a massage with lavender essential oils if the back pain is of muscular origin.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, consider changing mattresses to sleep and begin physical activity to build your back muscles. Finally, to relieve you quickly, acupuncture is very effective. To prevent or cure back pain, adopt a good posture every day. For better understanding for the same you need to look here.

The Ideal: A Fair Pressure on the Spine.

In practice, we do not stand too arched or too straight. And above all, we reduce the pressure. The back is the place of all contractions, so relieve him asks to release him. Because we are sitting in the office or our work forces us to stoop regularly, it can happen that we have back pain. So, according to specialists, 80% of people will be affected a day of back pain. It is imperative to know how to relieve pain.

Where does my Back Pain come from?

Back pain has many causes. It is characterized already by the origin of the pain. Is it acute or chronic, mechanical or inflammatory? On the other hand, suffering can be identified by its location.

Do you have lower back pain or is it cervical? Is it a problem in the lower back? So many questions that make it possible to know exactly the cause of this suffering.

And finally, needless to remind you that it is essential to go to a specialist who, he, can precisely identify the evil in question.

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