All You Need to Understand about Risk of alcohol withdrawal

All You Need to Understand about Risk of alcohol withdrawal
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Often time risk of alcohol withdrawal is overseen as many people are not able to understand the fact that alcohol dependence is completely different from that of alcohol addiction. The person who has gone through alcohol detoxification would also face physical as well as mental resistance which needs to be handled properly. If not treated properly with care, it may even lead to risking of one’s life itself. Hence, proper care needs to be paid in this regard. A person who has been having alcohol addiction for a longer duration of time would have the most impact and hence more attention is required.

Different stages of symptoms

Mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms would start to occur after 6 hours of quitting alcohol. These symptoms would intensify as time goes. These symptoms include vomiting, headache, anxiety and depression. These can be eased with the help of medications. Moderate symptom would start off after 24 hours and would include hallucinations, confusions and irregular heartbeat. This could be managed by way of giving anxiety and depression medications. However, it becomes difficult to manage and requires proper support and care.

The third stage of Delirium Tremens

Delirium Tremens, or DTs would start from 48 to 96 hours after the last drink and is the toughest phase to handle. People going through this stage would experience a lot of physical as well as mental discomfort which includes extreme itching, burning, rashes and sensations of bugs crawling under skin. In this case antipsychotic medications are given which may help with facing many impulsive behaviours, hallucinations, and also goes on to lower risk seizures. In case, the person does not have proper support at home, the best thing to do would be to go for inpatient treatment. Such centres would also provide outpatient support so check it out.

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