6 Tips And Tricks To Calm Anxious Nerves 

6 Tips And Tricks To Calm Anxious Nerves 
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Not all the signs of nervousness are anxiety, but anxiety, when it strikes, it strikes hard. The brain goes into a tizzy with the fear of endangerment. It is necessary to placate anxious nerves at the earliest before the mind is at the peak of anxiety attacks. Whilst there are medicines to subside anxiety, but people with anxiety often suffer from sudden emotional outbursts. Clinical treatment is undoubtedly a necessity, yet there are some effective tricks that can help alleviate anxiety and placate nerves during a panic attack.

How To Placate A Panic Attack?

It goes without saying that anxiety-management is a long-term lifestyle change. You should, thus, bear all the below-listed considerations in mind since they can help even in the middle of an anxiety attack.

1. Breathing Exercises

Anxiety is accompanied by some trademark symptoms and one such symptom of crucial importance is shortness of breathing. This condition intensifies panic and takes it to an altogether higher level. But, it can be curbed if you know the art of ‘Deep Breathing’ that’s also known as ‘Belly breathing’ or ‘Diaphragmatic Breathing’.

The importance of these breathing exercises is medically proven. Dr. Herbert Benson of AIS (American Institute of Stress) stresses the importance of deep breathing and how it can calm down the panic-stricken mind.

2. Hydrate Your Body

Hydrating the body works like a tonic that actually reduces the chances of a panic attack in the first place. A dehydrated body is rather more likely to suffer from fearful thoughts. Besides, sipping cold water or taking a cold water bath during anxiety can reduce its intensity. You must also pay close attention to;

  • Avoiding all sorts of dehydrating drinks like alcohol
  • Avoiding drinks with caffeine like coffee
  • Keeping your room cool and comfortable

3. Exercise Daily

Exercising and meditation, as everyone knows, freshen up the body and the mind. It induces a sense of freedom and reduces negativity. The best exercises for people suffering from depression and anxiety include;

Swimming in cold water
Morning/evening walk

Also, practicing meditation and strength training increase mind-body coordination. In other words, it is a sort of mental exercise that strengthens the mind.

4. Inhale Fragrances

Inhale fragrances that have therapeutic effects on soothing the mind. Essentials oils reduce anxiety. You can count on unique fragrances of Jasmine, lavender, and even rose. Such fragrances soothe the nerve receptors instantly. They are also helpful for people struggling with depression and stress.

5. Manage Your Diet

Include anxiety suppressors like green tea in your everyday lifestyle. Other natural supplements that you can count on when dealing with anxiety include Valerian root and Kava Kava.

6. Lifestyle Management

It primarily includes sleep management and eating habits. Sleeping properly for 8 hours keep the mind calm and help alleviate anxiety and placate nerves. Some tricks that’ll help you sleep better include the following.

Keep the room dark and cool
Soothing light music in the background might help you sleep better
Avoid napping during the day time after 3 pm

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