Test Your Sugar Level with the Help of Relion Prime

Test Your Sugar Level with the Help of Relion Prime
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Relion Prime tests the level of glucose in your blood. It provides an accurate reading by determining the level of glucose in your blood. Make a prick, preferably in your finger and apply the blood sample on the test strip slot in the meter. The chemicals in the strip react with glucose of your blood. As electrical current passes through the strip, it concludes the level of glucose on the blood sample and displays on the LCD monitor instantly. There are three types of a glucometer. Self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) is the basic type using a test strip to determine the glucose level. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) and Noninvasive Glucometers.

Important information

If the display shows 70mg/dl, it means you are suffering from low blood glucose (hypoglycemia).On the contrary, if it displays 240mg/dl, it indicates high blood glucose (hyperglycemia). Repeat the test if these extreme readings are shown for conformation. In case these readings are shown repeatedly immediately consult a physician. If body symptoms do not match with these readings, then also consult a health care professional. The unit and test strip must be at operational temperature, before using it.


Region Prime System includes; the meter, carrying case and the user manual. Other materials you need but not provided with the kit are; testing strips, control solutions and lancing devices. On the front of the device, a display screen, data connection and test strip ports are incorporated. Forward, back and on/off button is inbuilt in it. On the backside battery compartment with lid is provided. On the display screen time, date and the average test result is shown. Memory mode, unit of measurement, a temperature warning and main display (test countdown, test result and error code) are inscribed on the display screen. Low battery and control solution test are also displayed. The test strip, apply blood and insert/ remove test strip are shown at the bottom of the display screen. If any of the inbuilt displays is not shown, contact customer care service.

Test Strips

Only 0.5 microliter blood is required to perform the test. A sample application tip is provided for a better understanding of the procedure. On one side, test strip contact bar and on other side sample application tip is incorporated. When you apply fresh capillary whole blood on the application tip, the monitoring system measures the amount of glucose. The reaction of glucose and enzyme on the test strip produces a current relative to the amount of glucose. The meter senses the current and converts into a digital reading.

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