How many calories are in my drink?

How many calories are in my drink?
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Alcohol plays a massive role in adult social gatherings in many cultures. Mixed cocktails and rich wines often feature in a night out, but may make the health-conscious a little concerned.

Calorie content varies between drinks, as do other health implications.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, regardless of calories, or antioxidants or hydration benefits, remember to drink responsibly, alternate alcoholic beverages with glasses of water, and practise moderation.


With lots of flavour, comes lots of calories! One can of full-strength pale ale or lager will set you back around 170-175 calories.

Light beer, on the other hand, tends to sit at around 100 calories a can.


The calorie content of wine varies greatly, depending on its alcohol and sugar content.

Red wine is the most calorie dense of the bunch, containing between 125 and 190 calories per standard drink. Its white counterpart ranges from 120-190 calories per drink.

Rose is considerably lower in both alcohol and calories, averaging around 100 calories per glass. A glass of champagne also has a similar caloric content.


Often touted as the gluten-free alternative to having a beer, an apple or pear cider contains around 150 calories per standard drink.

Cider made from apples is particularly high in tannins, giving it its crisp flavour and a high level of antioxidants. It is, however, high in sugar as well.


Spirits vary greatly in their caloric content, and are often used in calorie-rich mixed drinks.

If mixing, experts recommend pairing spirits with low calorie options like lime and soda water to avoid the excess calories cola or cocktails provide.

Tequila, whiskey and vodka contain roughly 105 calories per shot, whereas gin and rum contain closer to 95 calories per shot.

What is your favourite drink?

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