Lactoperoxidase Supplements and its versatile benefits

Lactoperoxidase Supplements and its versatile benefits
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Lactoperoxidase is a pre oxidizing enzyme and a natural anti-bacterial agent. It is present in mammary glands, saliva and other glands that produce mucus. They are said to function their oxidizing function by reacting with hydrogen peroxides and providing protection by producing an antibacterial agent as the result of the process. Therefore when their natural production decreases, a person can switch on to Lactoperoxidase supplement for absorbing its benefits. Production of these agents is completely safe for human health.


These enzymes find its application in several fields including:

  • Dairy Products: It is a very important enzyme present in milk. It not just helps in its protection from the growth of several bacteria and microbes but also helps improve and extend its shelf life. It can be used as an indication of over pasteurization of milk.
  • Oral care: The mouth is one of the most sensitive places prone to microbes and bacteria. These enzymes not just help fight them but also prevent their growth.
  • Cosmetics: The cosmetic industry makes use of Lactoperoxidase along with glucose, iodine, and other products to increase the shelf life of products naturally.
  • Drugs: They help form drugs of various properties like an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antitumor and anti-cancer. Apart from it they also help in making drugs that improve the immune system of a person.


Lactoperoxidase supplement finds its benefit in several drug and beauty industry. They include:

  • The intake of these supplements boosts the antibacterial production of these enzymes helps in damaging the cell membrane of the bacteria that in turn, seizes their activities on the body of living cells.
  • The production of this enzyme is not just a protection against bacteria but has a natural antiviral effect and also protects the system from several damages and oxidative effects. This helps in keeping the immune system strong than ever before.
  • These enzymes are known for their antitumor and anti-cancer activities. Therefore consuming them can help in supporting the body system fight against cancer. They are especially known to fight breast cancers.
  • They are an excellent oral care agent by preventing the increase of bacteria. Present in all oral care products like toothpaste, floss, rinses, etc. they are beneficial for removing bacteria that cause bad breath and other mouth infections.
  • These supplements are used as a preservative with a combination of other products in the cosmetic industry. They provide for natural preservatives rather than using harsh chemicals that not just damage the skin but can also be dangerous.

Buying of Lactoperoxidase supplements should always be done from an authentic shop or official online medical sites for igg powder. These supplements should never be bought off a local company as they tend to interfere with biological functioning. These should always be bought and used after proper consultation from the doctor as they know what the best fit for all our bodies is.

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