Choosing the Best Wholesale OTC Medicine Distributors

Choosing the Best Wholesale OTC Medicine Distributors
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The pharmaceutical supply chain is vital to the American society. Wholesale OTC medicine distributors in this sector play an important role as they provide a link between manufacturers and retailers. Despite being the most secure and elaborate healthcare supply chain in the world, the US pharmaceutical network has been infiltrated by rouge suppliers. The uncertified suppliers pose a risk to the well-being of Americans as they supply unsafe drugs.

The FDA has identified the risk of counterfeit drugs in the market and advises retailers to know their distributors and their source of the pharmaceutical supplies. The following are some of the ways in which retailers can identify genuine medicine suppliers.

FDA approval

The cost of the medicine is the most important factor to influence the choice of a distributor. The retailers intend to make profits from their operations and hence will find the most affordable suppliers. The retailers find and build connections by being in the business for a long time.


Finding a supplier who will supply the products you need is another factor to consider. Your needs are unique, and you need a source that will meet your requirements. Failure to get the right supply at the expected time will affect your business. Therefore, you need to select a supplier with a reputation of offering satisfactory delivery services.

Local certification

Regulation of the pharmaceutical industry is not the work of the federal government alone. State authorities must ensure that the wholesalers operating within their jurisdictions meet all the requirements fully. The right wholesaler to select must have certification from the local authorities. Local authorities have mechanisms to help establish the authenticity of the license.


Wholesale OTC medicine distributors must print the labels of their products in English so that the people in the US can understand them. The label of a genuine product will have all the requirements for pharmaceutical products produced and sold in America. If some of the expected information is missing, then the wholesaler may not be genuine.

Established office

It is important for the wholesaler to have a central place where the business is conducted. A business that has an office shows that it is ready to receive and respond to issues raised by its buyers. Wholesalers dealing in counterfeit products do not intend to take any responsibility for the goods they sell and therefore may not have permanent offices. Responsible distributors are eager to receive and tackle complaints or issues raised about their products.

All retailers have a duty to determine the genuineness of the wholesale OTC medicine distributors they deal with. Any suspicious or unusual activity should warn them of a wholesaler dealing in substandard goods. They should only buy the medicine from genuine and responsible distributors. If are a pharmacist look for a drug distributor, feel free to pay us a visit.


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