Keto diet 7 days Challenge!

Keto diet 7 days Challenge!
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Are you tired of doing much of worthless exercises and less effective diets? A keto diet is low carb and high fat diet. This keto plan is free to use. So if you are willing to go for a keto diet here we will bring you an amazing 7 day diet plan.

This one week diet plan will help you on the keto diet (low carb path). Here’s to your health! Have a look on Keto Diet Foods below:


Breakfast: Poached eggs, salt/pepper with steamed asparagus.

Lunch: Salad veggies of your choice but not in large portion, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder + 1 grilled tuna/salmon

Dinner: Chicken lettuce wraps.

Snack: Kale chips.


Breakfast: Green Smoothie (may be of spinach)

Lunch: Zucchini noodles with marinara sauce.

Dinner: Chicken Soup (add some veggies if you want to)

Snack: Roasted unsalted almonds.


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/4 sliced avocado, ½ sliced tomatoes.

Lunch: Cabbage/apple slaw with grilled salmon fillet.

Dinner: Lemony sole fish/chicken with salad.

Snack: 4 celery stalks with 2 table spoon almond butter.


Breakfast: Egg and chives scramble.

Lunch: Jumbo Salad: greens of your choice, tomatoes, cucumber.

Dinner: Roasted chicken with steamed veggies of your choice.

Snack: Roasted unsalted sunflower seeds.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ground beef.

Lunch: Cucumber with tuna salad.

Dinner: Ground turkey patties (baked or fried) with salad greens.

Snack: Fried zucchini rounds.


Breakfast: Egg muffins (made how you like them, don’t over eat). Add whatever veggies or proteins you like.

Lunch: Four Grilled Beef strips small size.

Dinner: Chicken/vegetable soup.

Snack: Roasted cauliflower hummus + raw vegies to dip.


Breakfast: Anytime veggie frittata

Lunch: Broccoli soup

Dinner: Chicken with lemon.

Snack: Tart apple slices dipped in tahini.


Avoid any sugary + junky drinks like soda or store bought juice. Drink tons of water stay hydrated and drink fresh brewed tea.


If you still feel hungry in between the meals feel free to have: raw vegetable salad, nuts or seeds.

Try out this diet for seven days you will definitely find changes in yourself. This keto diet plan is very beneficial. Let me tell you some benefits of this diet:

  1. Heart Health: Ketogenic Diets increase levels of HDL and also lower triglyceride levels in the blood which are major risk factors in heart disease.
  2. Blood Sugar & Insulin: When you eat low carbohydrate and high fat diet your blood sugar levels reduce dramatically as does the insulin you produce to deal with it. On high carb diets many people develop a condition called insulin resistance. Keto diet will show reverse effects.
  3. Long Lasting Energy: Fat has the benefit of giving our bodies a longer lasting and sustained energy than that of carbohydrates.
  4. Appetite: A properly implemented ketogenic diet has the added benefit of curbing hunger pangs.
  5. Greater Weight loss: Not only you will experience weight loss by doing ketogenic diet, but you will see a constant steady loss of fat.

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