How to Use Retainer Brite?

How to Use Retainer Brite?
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Having crooked teeth or even rabbit teeth is quite common. While many people don’t necessarily care about the appearance of the same, some do. This is the primary reason why it is very important to ensure that you opt for retainers to bring back and realign the positioning of the teeth without any kind of issues whatsoever. If you are fretting about how to keep them clean and in the best possible way, the retainer brite does have that covered for you. This doesn’t just make the process a lot easier, it has been found to have beneficial impacts in keeping it sanitized as well, which is important when it comes to the retainers.

What Are Retainers?

Before we jump into describing how to use the retainer brite, it is necessary that we do discuss what the retainers are. Retainers are the orthodontic apparatus which helps keep the teeth in position and is either made of wire or even clear plastic altogether depending on what the patient is seeking. These have been found quite beneficial in realigning the appearance of the teeth for the best of results. They are also often used to hold the teeth in position after one has undergone surgery.

How to Use Retainer Brite?

Now that we have more or less discussed what retainers are, it is time we do focus on how to use retainer brite without any kind of problems whatsoever.

  • Take a dish or a glass tumblr big enough to be able to submerge your retainer completely
  • Fill that up with some warm water, ensuring that it is not too warm but warm enough to dissolve the tablets and get the process of cleaning done without any kind of hassle whatsoever
  • Throw in one of the tablets into the warm water and let it dissolve into the water completely. You will notice that the water starts turning blue and bubbly altogether
  • Submerge the retainer or even the mouthpiece into the water, ensuring that it is completely covered till the top
  • Leave it inside the water for about 20 minutes
  • Once you find the blue in the water disappear, remove the retainer from the water and rinse it under some normal running water

The process is easy and ensures to get everything clean right to the brim. If you have been struggling with cleaning your retainers, you can forget that with these tablets.

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