HOW TO AVOID MEDICATION – Take a Weight Loss Holiday instead!

HOW TO AVOID MEDICATION – Take a Weight Loss Holiday instead!
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It is imperative at first to educate ourselves as to why we are obese. We are generally not born obese and would be between 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) and 5.0 kilograms (11.0 pounds) at birth. This is about 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) on an average.

These averages are for babies born in the developed Western nations and which could change in other countries where the same living standards would not be available.

Anyway that is another matter altogether, but our attention is drawn to the fact that obesity in the United States is rising and is at 37% according to a recent survey and is home to more than 98 million obese people.

There are more obese people after that in China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Egypt, Turkey following in that order, which could be understandable as the two top countries have large populations.

What contributes to obesity?

There are generally three major factors that could contribute to obesity, which are food, lifestyle and lack of exercise, hereditary genetic compositions could also be a factor but with a disciplined food intake and exercise it could be overcome.

It is also a major concern that when you eat without any controls and our body weight increases, losing weight again could become a herculean task hence managing body weight is imperative before it gets out of hand. 

Is medication the answer?

Medication may not be the answer to obesity and if you take any of those prescribed and non-prescription drugs the chances are you may do more harm than good to your system.

There are many different types of medication available in the market and they only promise what cannot be achieved in weight loss across the spectrum for everyone.

Some of these medications may answer in certain individuals but that does not mean that it could be effective in treating all obese people as a general rule. 

Alternatives to medication

The most prudent would be to engage in a weight loss program that would keep you healthy internally and embark on an exercise regime which would help externally.

Adding into that some of the tried and tested natural processes in weight loss which would use natural ingredients would be the best solution to lose weight and become healthy again.

The only challenge in a weight loss program is that your dedication should be forthcoming at the optimum because if you do not follow such a program conscientiously the purpose of it all would be lost.

You would need to be helped through the process and once the discipline is inculcated in you about the importance of following the program then you could be on the right track to ensure you lose weight over a targeted period.

To ensure success at the end of any weight loss program it would be imperative that you follow a strict regime until you are capable of doing it on your own and the best would be to take a break from your present environment.

The environment we live in plays a crucial role in our well being, and for everything, the good and the bad it is the environment that would be responsible with we being just pawns in it.

The same is true for obesity too, though we may try very hard to change our lifestyle and food habits it may not be possible if we are ingrained into a particular society.

The best in such circumstances would be to change our environment at least until such time we get our horses back together and put our life on a healthier path again.

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A weight loss holiday

To change the environment we live in one of the best solutions would be to take out a holiday from the hustle and bustle of the busy life cocoon you are in and go to one of those exotic locations in the Far East.

The island of Bali is a great location among another few countries located in close proximity to this country the plusses here are countless because everything that Nature has to offer in its pristine condition is still here.

There are ample weight loss holiday retreats in Bali and around it and all of them have specialized natural weight loss programs which have traversed down centuries and still practiced by the Balinese.

You would be pampered not with weight gaining food but with healthy exotic fruits, vegetables and natural drinks which would bring you slowly back from your often thought notion that obesity is irreversible.

Once you get to one of the luxury moderate or affordable weight loss holiday retreats you would be assessed according to your individual body composition and health where a program would be tailor made for you.

You would be taken through the paces and provided with natural weight loss food, exercises, sleep patterns and taught how to manage and complete one day at a time throughout your stay.

The weight loss program initiated for you would be a very holistic approach and it would ensure that that you are detoxicated and rejuvenated to get you ready for the program which would depend on the duration of your stay.

You would not only be put through the paces but would also get training on how to cook those healthy and delicious  Eastern healthy gourmet food which would allow you to continue with the same food intakes.

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