Ways To Treat Cellulite – The Cupping Method & Honey Massage

Ways To Treat Cellulite – The Cupping Method & Honey Massage
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Cellulite is one of the biggest problems that a lot of people around the world face and one of the best ways to treat it would be cupping for cellulite explained by Ecellulitis. However, apart from that, there are several home remedies too that you can try for this skin condition.

One of them is honey massage, which remains one of the finest remedies as far as treating cellulite is concerned. A number of women of different age groups have tested this particular remedy over here. Needless to say, they have been quite successful with it as well.

There is a good reason why honey massage is used in order to treat conditions such as these.

The use of honey massage for treating cellulite

The best part of the honey massage is that as a form of treatment it is highly rejuvenating and in that sense amazing as well. It helps you to get rid of your body the cellular waste products that can be so toxic for your skin. It also helps you lose several inches in your thigh area.

You can start off by covering this problem zone with a slim layer of honey. If cellulite has accumulated in your buttocks and hip area you would need a couple of tea spoons of honey.

Using the hands

You need to keep it in mind that your hands should be absolutely dry and clean before the start of the massage process. For starters, you need to press them to the skin that has been covered using honey and then tear them away.

At first, it would be easier but over time as you keep on repeating the process it could become progressively difficult. Much of this can be attributed to the increase in the tension force. The massage might be a bit painful but it is quite effective nonetheless.


This is especially true when you are putting your hand on the honey that is covering your skin and trying to unglue it, so to speak. This very process creates a vacuum effect that ensures the destruction of the cellulite.

Honey massage is also helpful in some other ways in the sense that it betters the blood circulation in your skin tissues as well as muscles. It also has a generally positive impact on your whole nervous system as well. Once the massage is done it should turn red and there should be a burning sensation as well.

Effects of the massage

This massage could leave a few small bruises as well but you need not worry as they would go away pretty fast. You need to keep on with this process till the honey under your hands turns white.

These white pellets basically contain the extra salt that has been released by your body during the message and the cellular waste material. In all the massage should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes.

After this, you can follow up the process by washing the massaged area with warm water and then apply your anti cellulite cream or body moisturizer on the same.  

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