The Use of Minoxidil 2 Solution in Progressing Hair Growth in Women

The Use of Minoxidil 2 Solution in Progressing Hair Growth in Women
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Minoxidil belongs to a drug called as vasodilators. It comes in both forms as liquid and foam. Liquid solution is mainly used for hair loss treatment for male and it contains 5% minoxidil solution. Foam solution is mainly treated for hair loss in women and it consists of minoxidil 2 solution. Thus, this solution is used in age category of 18 or above. Thus, it belongs to a group of medication known as hair regrowth treatment. When applied to the scalp it stimulates hair growth. The exact process in not yet found but it is said that it increases the blood flow in the hair follicles which automatically waken up the hair roots to work. With regular 6 months of the use of the product, it leads to thick growing of hair.

Advantages of using minoxidil 2 solution

  • Easy to get as this product is easily available in the medical shops or many marketing sites. A doctor’s prescription is not to be showed before buying it.
  • Easy to use as a dropper is provided in the packed item which helps easy application of the solution on the scalp.
  • Use of it after a hair restoration surgery might help in fast growing of the hair
  • Clinically proven product which shows result after 3 months of the use
  • FDA approved product.
  • Has been helpful to 9 out of 10 men and 80% of the women, thud leading to an increase in hair count.
  • Safe for colour treated hair
  • Using of this solution does not lead to any restriction on the hair style to apply.
  • Therefore not providing any unpleasant smell to the hair after use.

So, with regular use of the product, this might me helpful in progressing hair growth as well as regrowth of the lost hair.

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