The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records
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Improving patient safety by providing quality care and preventing medication errors are high priorities in the health care industry.

To help with this ongoing effort, health care providers use electronic health records (EHRs) to store patients’ medical history.

Additionally, some health care providers include electronic medication administration record (eMAR) systems within EHRs to guard against life-threatening medication errors.

Advantages of EHRs

EHRs eliminate the need for paper medical records that could get lost or destroyed. Now, multiple providers can access a patient’s full medical history at the same time without having to wait for it in the mail.

EHRs include information such as a patient’s:

  • Diagnosis
  • Test results
  • Allergies
  • Treatment plans
  • Medications

With this information, providers can better coordinate care for a patient and avoid duplicating services or medications.

Reducing Medication Errors

An eMAR system has technology that tracks medication from the time a doctor writes an order to when a patient receives the medication. Just as EHRs replaced paper medical records, eMAR systems replace the need for writing medication orders on paper.

By submitting medication orders electronically, a pharmacist verifying the order or a nurse administering medication does not have to question a doctor’s handwriting. Misreading or misinterpreting a medication order poses serious harm to the patient.

Additionally, barcode scanning technology used with eMAR systems ensures the right patients receive the right medication and accurate dosage. Safeguards that eMAR systems put into place can improve medication management and help keep patients safe.

To learn more about EHRs and eMAR systems and how these technologies can benefit your facility, contact William Bros. Long Term Care Pharmacy. Contact us today.

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