OTC Remedies for Genital Herpes

OTC Remedies for Genital Herpes
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Over the counter or OTC remedies for genital herpes can usually be obtained without a prescription either online or at the drugstore or the health food store. I picked the genital herpes products I value the most. Many come and go, a few are interesting, some may be dangerous, many seem useless and none can treat genital herpes for everyone.

So it is just a matter of finding the right herpes OTC remedy for you. You may also make your own genital herpes topical ointments at home, just like me. You will find many great recipes if you follow this cure for herpes video, some of them have helped me stopped a herpes outbreak in 48h and completely heal my skin in less than 5 days. Over the counter, genital herpes remedies are just convenient. They are already prepared and nicely packed.

Many serious companies offer long enough money back guarantees on their OTC remedies for genital herpes, especially when sold online. So I think they’re worth trying.

OTC remedies for genital herpes: H-Balm Control

H-Balm Control is a topical remedy for oral and genital herpes. It can be bought over the counter or online. H-balm is made from organic essential oils. It contains oils that have decreased the length of an outbreak in clinical studies.

H-Balm contains organic melissa essential oils along with 6 other essential oils. Melissa was studied and showed efficacy for both the treatment and prevention of genital herpes outbreaks.
H-Balm comes in 2 versions:
H-Balm Daily to prevent herpes outbreaks and H-Balm extra strength to treat herpes outbreaks.

Do You Want to Get rid of Genital Herpes Symptoms Naturally?
More information and guidelines on over the counter herpes treatments as well as natural herpes remedies that can help you stop genital herpes symptoms in 3 days without reaching blister stage in a video below.

OTC remedies for genital herpes: Herp-eeze
Herp-EEZe – otc remedy for genital herpesHerp-eeze is wonderful supplement that contains self-heal or prunella vulgaris, olive leaf extract, zinc, vitamin C, acerola, lysine and other herbal extracts. It can be taken daily to suppress recurrent herpes infections or as a genital herpes treatment. Prunella vulgaris inactivates herpes in vitro. Vitamin C increases oxygen body levels and promotes several immune functions like interferon production. Lysine was found to suppress herpes infections when taken regularly. Zinc was found to be useful against herpes as an internal and topical agent. Olive leaf extract was also found to inactivate herpes in vitro. I know Herp-eeze is an exceptional over the counter herpes supplement. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what other customers are saying at website.

Herp-Eeze I think it is one of the most valuable OTC remedies for genital herpes that can be taken orally.

OTC remedies for genital herpes: Dynamiclear
Dynamiclear Instant Herpes Relief
Dynamiclear is a herbal ointment containing antiseptic ingredients and St John’s wort extracts. St John’s wort used as an external remedy has remarkable wound healing properties. Another Dynamiclear ingredient is a sulfur compound, copper sulphate. Sulfur has been used for centuries to heal all sorts of skin diseases.

However, copper sulfate can be severely irritating to the skin and cause irreparable damage when ingested. Dosage must be put into consideration when evaluating a product toxicity though. A small amount of an ingredient can be a medicine and a big amount of the same ingredient a poison. That’s the case for arsenic for example. I asked Global herbal supplies, Dynamiclear manufacturer to give me as much safety information about Dynamiclear as possible. I copied and pasted an excerpt of their reply below. My conclusion is that Dynamiclear contains small enough amounts of copper sulfate so that it has antiseptic properties but no adverse effect.

Users of Dynamiclear can use this product with confidence that proper care has been taken in determining the correct level of concentration of the active ingredients so that the solution will not result in any side effects or toxicity, yet effectively destroy viral particles on impact.
The manufacturing process is done in a TGA certified laboratory in Australia and is manufactured to standards above the required ” International Standards for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons “.

The herbal extracts that are contained in Dynamiclear are of the highest quality and are manufactured by MediHerb Australia, one of the oldest and most respected natural health companies in Australia (you may like to visit цуиышеу for quality manufacturing information).
Because Dynamiclear is a topical product (applied externally onto the skin), immediately up to 90% of the risk that is normally associated with internal medications is eliminated, that combined with our strict quality and manufacturing standards makes Dynamiclear very safe.
The results of the Phase III Clinical Trials have found no clinical observable side effects, except for minor expected occurrences, such as stinging or burning because of the antiseptic effect.

One aspect that users have to be mindful of is intolerance to sulfur, but once again because it is not an internal application this is not relevant for most people, but it is a possible consideration which we overcome with a Skin Sensitivity Test. To ensure that no allergy or sensitivity to the ingredients exists, we always recommend a Skin Sensitivity Test prior to use.
In terms of efficacy, Dynamiclear doesn’t seem to be able to stop herpes blisters from appearing. How ever its hypericum perforatum or Saint John’s wort extract helps broken genital herpes blisters heal much faster. Some say that it alleviates the pain associated with genital herpes outbreaks. Also, many say that once applied on a sore, it stings a lot but subsequent outbreaks are much milder or appear in a different spot. You can review its clinical trials result here.

OTC genital herpes product: Choraphor
Dynamiclear used to be called Choraphor. Choraphor is still being sold though. I’m a bit confused about both companies. It seems one is the lab that manufactured the product for the other and they are both selling the same product under a different name. More info on Choraphor

If you already know you have genital herpes, I recommend you subscribe to this excellent mini-course. It will give you very valuable guidelines about herpes treatment and prevention and will help you make all OTC herpes remedies 10 times more efficient.

OTC remedies for genital herpes conclusion: H-Balm Control is the safest and the most interesting OTC remedies for genital herpes followed by H-away which is unfortunately no longer available. Does this mean it is a 100% sure it is going to work for you? No. It isn’t. But it is almost certain it will improve your symptoms especially if your combine it with Herp-eeze. You may also want to use Dynamiclear as a last resort once blisters have formed and broken to prevent genital herpes from reoccurring at the same spot. That’s what usually happens with Dynamiclear.

More OTC remedies for genital herpes reviews to come. Please bookmark this page or subscribe to my newsletter to receive new information on genital herpes treatments and products.

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