How to Keep Your Vaping Systems Safe?

How to Keep Your Vaping Systems Safe?
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The sweaty and sticky summer temperatures can be the worst enemy of a vaping kit. As vapers, we are always advised not to expose our 18650 batteries to high temperatures, but what to do when the outside temperature exceeds 27 ° C and humidity jumps to the sky? High temperatures can also have an adverse effect on wave currents and wave bases, wave windings, and other components of the wave modes. Follow the steps below provided by vape pod systems canada to wipe safer and enjoy more in the summer.

Do not expose batteries to heat

First of all, you should keep the batteries away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. No exceptions. Overheating is a major cause of 18650 battery explosion, so it is crucial that you never leave your 18650 battery or fashion in a car or in a place with excessive heat. Even if an accident does occur, you can damage your lithium-ion battery and shorten its life by exposing it to temperatures above 37 ° C. On long trips, make sure to give your Vape battery periodic breaks to avoid overheating and to make sure it does not drain too quickly. For built-in battery mods, it is best to use a charger for contact, if you can, or charge them for short intervals before vaping. Make sure not to do such mistakes because it can be dangerous to do so. Keep them protected and do not bring them outside on the hot sun. It is best to leave them at home than to risk getting a damage or something that is even worse.

Keep the vape fluids cool

It’s easy to forget the vial bottle we left in the car, but it can have catastrophic consequences. Any time you leave the liquid in extreme heat for an extended period of time, you run the risk of breaking it. When exposed to high temperatures, the liquid vapor can break down and increase its density, which means it will clog your tank more easily. Excessive warming can also cause the nicotine to break down in the liquid, which will affect its taste and effectiveness in vaping. If you notice that your liquid is slightly discolored, it is likely that there is no turning back, so learn not to leave your fluid in hot places.

This also applies to all the vials, full tanks and soaked vaporizers you have. If you’re headed to the beach or on a long trip, put your fluid and your full tanks in an insulated cooler bag.

Make sure your devices and accessories are safe. It is best not to bring them with you and leave them at home. You can survive going out with them.

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