Good vape citizen: knowing your social vaping etiquette

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Vapes are rapidly becoming extremely popular among Australians looking to give up the smokes. Not only this, but vaping provides a flavourful burst that is a true joy for those looking to get away from the nastiness of smoking ciggies.

However, most ordinary Australians see vaping as akin to smoking, with the thick plumes of smoke unfavourable by everyday people. So, just like there are with smoking, there are a set of unspoken rules that apply when you’re rolling around town with your vape.

Even if you have the best vape pen Australia has to offer, one that produces rich, milky clouds of vaporiser, it’s still best to follow a few simple guidelines so as to not aggravate the everyday Aussie.

Check out these four simple vaping guidelines for how not to get involved in a public spat over blowing your favourite flavour right in someone’s face:

  1. Don’t vape inside public spots

This may not be covered by Aussie law, but people really don’t want to sit next to someone at the movies who is blinding the screen with their thick plumes. Of course, some places are an exception, and we don’t think you are going to have too many people screaming at you to put the vape away if you’re puffing on it at a crowded nightclub, but places like shopping centres, cafes and other food spots should be avoided.

  1. Ask to vape before vaping at a mate’s place

Your mate’s your mate, and you already probably have a good idea as to whether or not they would be fine with you pulling out the vape and puffing away at it unannounced.

But, if you’re unsure, all you have to do is ask. Naturally, many people don’t want their home smelling of something much different to how it already smells – they may not like the smell of your gummy bear goodness despite how sweet and delicious it smells (and tastes) to you.

So, just ask your mate before you start vaping in their joint – it may save you from getting kicked out and a row beginning.

  1. Avoid vaping in crowded public spots

This kind of ties into the original point about vaping in indoor spots, as many people standing around you in a congested spot might not be too thrilled with the idea of you filling an area with your vapor.

Nobody wants to find themself waiting in COVID testing lines for hours, but that doesn’t mean you should have to stink up the queue with your vapor – this is a surefire way to make some already very grumpy people even grumpier.

  1. Don’t leave the vape around kids

Kids are just so impressionable. If they see you doing something they perceive as cool then there is a very good chance they are going to want to do it too. Not only this, but vapes often come in colours that are appealing to kids as well as contain vape juice that kids might really enjoy the smell of, further making them want to get their hands on that purple thing you’ve been puffing away at all afternoon.

So, if you have to leave your vape somewhere for a few minutes, best not to leave it around the youngsters – they’ll start mucking around with it at the first opportunity they get.

Pretty simple, eh? Just treat vaping like a nicer-smelling cigarette: you may love it, but not everyone wants to get a massive hit of it, and this is the ultimate crux of vape etiquette.

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