Getting Fit with Needak

Getting Fit with Needak
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Are you looking for exercises to do on your Needak Rebounder? If so, here are some you can try on your Needak product.

Exercises to Try


To do the twist on your Needak Rebounder, you first need to bend your knees slightly. After doing so, you can then start to twist your body from side to side. This is an easy exercise to do, so if you’re looking for something simple, you’ll definitely want to try this. The twisting motion with this exercise can help with strengthening your back and improving digestion.


Aerobic Movements

These exercise movements will help to keep you moving so you improve the muscles in your legs and back. You can run in place while on your Needak Rebounder and do jumping jacks. You can then alternate between these exercises.

Aerobic movements also can be anything that makes your heart work quickly. You can run, bounce on one leg, and do many other things similar to these movements to help give you a great aerobic workout.

Breathing Exercises

If you want to improve your breathing and strengthen your shoulders and lungs, you’ll want to try this rebounder exercise. You can start out by pushing your arms in and out while breathing each time you extend or contract your arms while slightly bouncing on the rebounder. You can work to control your breathing with this exercise which can actually help you with other types of Needak Rebounder exercises.

The Strength Bounce

This is a simple exercise you can do. To do the strength bounce, you just need to jump as high as you can. This can be done with both the soft and hard bounce rebounder models. As you try to jump as high as you can, you’ll work to not only improve your balance, but tone your legs. As you jump up and down it will help to build muscles in them.

The Health Bounce

If you’re just starting out with rebounder exercises or don’t have the ability to do high-intensity workouts, the health bounce is a good exercise for you to try. To do the health bounce, you can just stand on the rebounder while slowly moving up and down. It’s a simple movement but can help to keep you active and even improve your lymphatic system.

Hip Movements

If you’re looking to strengthen your thighs and hips, you’ll want to try this exercise. To do this hip movement exercise, you first need to slightly spread your legs and bend your knees while standing on the rebounder. You then can start moving or twisting yourself side to side quickly. This is similar to the twist motion, but can be done a little more quickly for a more intense workout.

Sprinting in Place

Sprinting in place is a good exercise for those who are looking for more intense workouts. To do this, you basically just run quickly in place while bringing your knees up to your chest. This can work to strengthen your legs while helping to improve your metabolism.

These Needak Rebounder exercises are some that you can try to help keep you active. These exercises cover almost all exercise levels so you can be sure to find one that will suit you.

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