Changes in the Manufacturing of Walkers

Changes in the Manufacturing of Walkers
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Not all of those who use a walker have mobility that is limited or does not want to travel or get out of the house and neighbourhood. So, traditional 2, 3, 4 wheeled walkers are options that are great, but often they are hard to transport with a vehicle or any type of public transportation. To resolve this problem is to have a walker that is folding and is light way, easy to move as well as simple to just pack in the car or carry onboard planes, buses or trains.

Folding walkers/rolling walkers

These folding walkers can also be rolling walkers, with the four wheeled option being the most common.  Two wheeled rolling walkers are also built to be folded up for transportation and storage is easy. These walkers, just like the traditional 2 and 4 wheeled walkers also include an assortment of features.  Most have a detachable or net type tote or basket which is designed to let the user carry an assortment of items with them while keeping their hands freed up to operate the walker. Flip up seats are also a possibility with both types of walkers, a good way to offer a resting spot for anyone with problems with mobility.


Safety and mobility

All these folding walkers with wheels have the same safety standard and features for mobility found in a type of traditional rolling walker.  This means they have wheels that are larger for even movement over indoor and outdoor surfaces as well as brakes that can be controlled by the user through the hand grips. There are also features for locking that can be engaged when the user is sitting or wishes to immobilize the walker for a specific reason. The brakes can be released by simply releasing the lock; again this can be done easily through the hand grip area.

Basic models

A folding walker is extremely easy for the individual to fold and then assemble all on their own. The mechanism for folding has very simple locks that engage when the walker is in use and then simple flicked to allow the mechanism for folding to compress into the folded position. Some of the more basic models use a button to release the mechanism and this allows the walker to be collapsed. When the walker is pushed back into the position to assemble, the buttons automatically lock into place. And best of all they are easy to find at an online medical supply store.

Non-wheeled walker

Since most of these folding walkers are quite lightweight and are only used when an individual is traveling or for short term use, many people elect the non-wheeled type of walker those folds. This type of walker is usually made of a lightweight yet extremely strong type made of one-inch anodized, extruded aluminium, meaning it can hold up to 350 pounds, while it just weights approximately 6 pounds.  Additionally, these walker types also have adjustments that are made on the overall height and location of the cross-support bar.

Different sizes

Most folding walker manufacturers do make various sizes for both youth or adult users. Typically, adult size is for those people over five feet three inches, with the youth sizes being suitable for those four-foot four to the five-foot three heights. Petite adults may be more comfortable in the sizes for youths, while still not loosing security or durability in moving about. They can be found at only the best medical supplies stores online.




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