Benefit Of Buying Health Insurance

Benefit Of Buying Health Insurance
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Due to unhealthy lifestyles, food contamination, hectic work schedules and pollution, health issues are raising day by day. Keeping pace with that, medical costs are also rising, which is putting huge pressure on the wallets of common people.

Many a times, people exhaust their entire savings to provide proper medical attention to their near and dear ones. But, this is not a proper solution; rather you require a certain system that can share your medical expenses irrespective of your financial status. A Health Insurance policy can act as a system that can work as a helping hand during your medical emergencies.

After realizing the increasing cost of medical treatment, more and more people have started enrolling in health insurance policies to avoid vast medical bills during difficult times. However, it’s very crucial to compare different health insurance policies before making any decision; otherwise, you can face difficulties in times of emergency. More and more insurance companies are appearing owing to the internet; so you need to be very careful.

Best Time To Buy Health Insurance in India

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Time and tide wait for none: This old proverb is absolutely correct. The proper time to purchase a health insurance plan is the moment you first realize that the medical expenses might escalate in the upcoming years due to the cost of living apart from other factors.

The realization should come as early as possible. There is no so-called best time for purchasing health insurance. You need to purchase a health insurance plan at a young age to avail the benefits. For a number of reasons, it is recommended to purchase a health insurance plan at a young age. The most important advantages are specified below:

Waiting Period: In most cases, health insurance policies involve a waiting period that is 30 to 90 days. Throughout this period, policyholders can’t make any kind of claims even in times of a medical emergency. If you purchase a health insurance policy at a young age, then you can avail a benefit in this regard because you can expect to cross the particular waiting period without any worries.

Waiting Period is for many health issues, including urinary tract stones, cataract, arthritis etc. Most insurance companies announce 10 to 15 ailments at the minimum that are associated with a waiting period. At times, people above 60 years have a longer waiting period.

Comprehensive: If a person purchases a Health Insurance plan while young, then he/she can enjoy a significant benefit of holistic as well as comprehensive coverage. That means you will get considerable security in times of employment and following your retirement as well.

Low Premium: In most cases, the premium amount is determined by the present age of the respective policy-applicant. In case you choose to buy a mediclaim at a young age, you can avail the benefit of a lower premium.

Duration: A point worth considering is that most of the health insurance plans come with a limit on upper age. In case you purchase an ideal health insurance policy at a young age, you can lead a stress-free life and enjoy the advantages of your health insurance plan for a longer period.

You should also analyse tax benefit, coverage, pre-existing conditions, bonus etc.

Tips Before You Buy Health Insurance in India


A medical emergency can appear at any time and your mediclaim must be capable enough to provide you with the best possible facilities. Hence, it is very important to select the best health insurance policy. Some important tips that you can follow in times of choosing a mediclaim are as follows:

  • First, you should choose a basic indemnity policy. Other plans like disease-specific and critical illness plan can provide you with the next level of protection.
  • You must go through each and every instruction and terms and conditions carefully before giving your consent.
  • You must check the limits of the individual expense for different overheads like doctor’s fee, room rent of hospital to name a few, to check the coverage.
  • Check for whether your insurance provider has limited the claim amount for certain treatments, specifically the treatments for pre-existing diseases.
  • With growing age, the count of dependents will also increase. In that scenario, you might need to enhance your sum assured. Hence, purchase an ideal health insurance plan to avail the benefit of low premiums.
  • Portability of an insurance plan is also a big factor. You must check whether the health insurance policy permits alteration of insurance provider without losing progressing benefits.

By keeping the aforementioned in mind, you can find the right health insurance plan for you. Thus, you can avail top-class comfort in times of your hospitalization. Purchase the most suitable mediclaim today.


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