Autoflowering Seeds: Pros And Cons As Well As Other Things To Know

Autoflowering Seeds: Pros And Cons As Well As Other Things To Know
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“Auto-flowering Seeds!!”

You might be pretty curious to learn about it, and you have your own reasons for it. After all, these seeds carry an excellent reputation in the market because it’s a popular choice for many cannabis growers. 

You have taken a liking to it, which makes me assume that you are interested in growing your very own cannabis plants. Well, my friend, you have made the right decision, and I believe that everyone should grow the auto-flowering strains. 

But there is this small doubt in the corner of your head, where the question, “Am I doing the right thing by choosing auto-flowering seeds?” echoes repeatedly. 

Yeah, I know that feeling because I was the same as you before. So, through this article, you get the chance to the pros and cons of auto-flowering seeds. 


Auto-flowering Seeds: The Meaning Behind It!!

Before we jump to the central part, you must learn the hidden meaning behind the auto-flowering seeds. These seeds are a mixture of Indica or Cannabis sativa with Cannabis ruderalis, native to Russia. 

Individuals do not grow the cannabis ruderalis because it doesn’t contain much THC. But since it has the power to grow automatically within seven weeks and also in a cloudy climate, it has become an excellent choice for interbreeding. 

Auto-flowering seeds can easily switch from the vegetative to the flowering stage all by themselves. The photoperiod seeds will start blooming right after the summer solstice.

But the auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, will bloom after a particular phase of development. What I mean is that they grow automatically [That’s why they are called “AUTOFLOWERING”] after they reach the correct size. 


Pros And Cons Of Auto-flowering Seeds

Now, under this section, you will explore some of the drawbacks and benefits [or pros and cons] of these universally popular seeds.


  1. The Plants Compact And Small

One of the most significant advantages [out of all the other advantages] of these seeds is their compact and small size.  It’s because of their cannabis ruderalis heritage. 

The auto-flowering cannabis plants will be small in size and a lot more compact than the standard indica, Sativa, and the hybrids of these two strains. 

This is good news if you have a small space at your home and can easily grow this particular strain in a hassle-free manner. 

But wait, that’s not all. Due to their size, it will be a lot easier for you to look after them. Growing a cannabis plant above 6 feet will mean that you cannot see the top of it. Hence it will become difficult for you to manage such growth. 

That’s why auto-flowering plants are the best choice in such matters. You can easily get some higher quality auto-flowering seeds from and begin your growing work

  1. There Will No Changes Towards The Light Cycle

You are already aware that the auto-flowering seeds are a mixture of Sativa or indica with cannabis ruderalis. Ruderalis has tiny buds and carries little or no. 

THC in them is one of the reasons why many people [like yourself] do not know about it in detail. 

But on the other hand, the older strains of cannabis ruderalis contain some exceptional qualities, one of which is the power to proliferate. This is mainly because the plant is a native of Siberia. 

This is a place where the daylight hours are fewer and the growing season is short. 

When you place Ruderalis outside its actual growing zone, it will quickly start to grow. The cannabis plant will switch towards the flowering stage regardless of how much sunlight it gets during the day. 

  1. They Are A Lot More Resistant.

Another benefit of this auto-flowering cannabis plant is the easy growing experience. This is all thanks to its Ruderalis genetics. Due to their quick adaption, they are resistant to many adverse conditions. 

Many cannabis plants can easily succumb to many pests and diseases.

But auto-flowering plants don’t swing that way. These plants will easily stand up to such threats and overcome all the obstacles to survive. 

Do you know what’s great about these plants? They can easily resist overfeeding and mold. This is something, which regular photoperiod plants cannot do. 

  1. You Will Receive Plenty Of Harvest Every Year

The auto-flowering plants do not depend on the amount of sunlight they receive every day when entering the flowering stage. 

This shows that you can easily grow mature outdoor buds each year. Pretty cool, isn’t it? I knew you would like it!! 

But how to do so? Well, you just need to stagger your plants and make sure to start with a couple of plants months before using the rest. 

If you follow this technique, you will easily grow some of the plants while others keep maturing. 

Otherwise, you are free, to begin with, a few cannabis plants right at the beginning of the outdoor growing season. After that, you can plant several more once the first batch is completed. 

Since these plants can grow a lot faster than you think, there is plenty of time to develop these plants correctly. 


  1. The Yields Will Be Lower

Auto-flowering plants are also known as dwarf plants because of their size when compared with other marijuana plants. 

Yes, you will receive many benefits for its size, but growing them provides you with fewer yields. This is because small plants do not have the power to sustain dense and bigger buds. 

Also, if you are a commercial grower and want to maximize your yield, the lower yield might become a problem for you. But if you are a home grower, the yield you will receive from these plants will be more than enough for you. 

But, if it’s not enough for you, well, you can plant a lot of these auto-flowering cannabis plants in your house and obtain the yield you desire. 

  1. Vulnerability To Grower Mistakes

The growth rate of these auto-flowering cannabis plants is one of the main attractions. I view their growth rate as a double-edged sword. 

Sounds pretty lovely, doesn’t it? Well, things can become worse if you are not careful. I am trying to say that fast growth can lead to much more significant issues if you make a mistake.

Also, the issues will be a lot more noticeable when you train your plants. There is no way through which you can train your plants: LOW STRESS & HIGH-STRESS TRAINING METHODS

Under the LST [Lower Stress Training], you just have to bend the branches slightly lower when they are still pliable and soft. 

But the other method, known as Higher Stress or Super Cropping technique, is not a good choice for the plants. 

This technique is pretty stressful as it’s done when the branches have become a lot harder than before. Keep in mind one thing, the clock is ticking, and the lifespan of your plants is in your hands. 

One wrong move = your auto-flowering plants will receive plenty of damage. 

  1. The Cost 

Auto-flowering seeds require a lot of light, which is one of the reasons that makes them a bit too expensive compared with other seeds. 

This means that the electricity charges will be a lot more than the past month. But this high cost can be offset by the fact that these seeds need fewer nutrients during the vegetative stage. 


Tips On Using The Auto-flowering Seeds

We have seen the pros and cons of growing the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Now, I would also like to share some useful tips on growing these cannabis plants. 

The tips will not just be informative, but following them will make your entire growing work a lot easier and quicker. 

  1. Choose the correct strain as there are many varieties available. 
  2. There is no demand for you to report the auto-flowering cannabis plants. 
  3. Make sure to use a recommended dose of root stimulant.
  4. Grow your auto-flowers in airy and light soil. 
  5. Use LED lights when it comes to growing the plants indoors. 
  6. Go for the SOG or Sea of Green Method. [Trust me, it’s good technique]
  7. Make sure to water the plants properly. 
  8. Control and maintain the pH level of your water. 
  9. Try to cut down the nutrients. In other words: DON’T OVERFEED THEM!
  10.  You don’t have to TOP your auto-flowering marijuana plants. 
  11.  Make sure that the humidity, temperature, and airy are good. 
  12.  Flush the plants. [This is where you stop feeding them with nutrients]
  13.  Harvest the plants once they are ready. 

Final Thoughts

Auto-flowering seeds are popular, and they are used by many growers out there. This article contains all the essential information that can surely give you an idea about these seeds.

But make sure to go through all the points so that you do not face any problems when you grow them outdoors or indoors. 

Good luck with your growing work!!

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