A Guide On The Benefits And Precautions Of IPL Skin Treatment

A Guide On The Benefits And Precautions Of IPL Skin Treatment
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IPL or intense pulsed light treatment is an anti-aging therapy that uses a beam of broadband light in order to cure minor to major skin disorders. Also, it is one of the best dermal therapies that is considered safe for young women in ’30s as well as mature women looking for a rescue from aging troubles. The one consideration though is choosing the correct clinic for best results. So, the IPL laser treatment from Clinique Anti Aging center and others of its kinds in Montreal are the best options that you have in town.

What Are The Benefits Of IPL Laser Treatment

To begin with, IPL is used to prevent and cure photo damage that’s caused by excessive sun damage. Furthermore, the benefits aren’t limited to sun damage and extend way beyond. The best ones are discussed below.

  • IPL laser treatment is used to treat wrinkles, dark spots, acne marks, fine lines, and active acne effectively
  • It is one of the best therapies to treat vascular lesions and pigmentation caused due to UV damage and skin disorders like rosacea
  • It is a skin rejuvenation treatment to help skin cells remain hydrated and young. Precisely, it does not just reverse aging, it also slows down the process
  • You can also count on the IPL treatment to help you get rid of an active acne breakout
  • It usually requires 2 or 3 sittings for skin transformation by IPL treatment

Things To Consider Before And After The Treatment

As safe as it may sound, every treatment requires you to follow a specific protocol, and the most important being, listening to what your doctor says. And the doctor recommended things to consider before the IPL treatment include the following.

  • The treatment cannot be performed on tanned skin because IPL works best only on fair and light brown skin. Thus, you shouldn’t visit a tanning parlor for a month when planning to undergo the IPL treatment
  • Also, it isn’t safe to expose sunburnt skin to light pulses. Thus, avoiding direct sun is the second most important consideration

Now that you know what things should be considered before the treatment, it’s time you also learn about the aftercare.

  • Always apply sunscreen on the treated area and do not leave it open for sun exposure for 2 weeks at least
  • Pigmentation can be red as well as brown. The redness starts reducing within a few weeks and the brown patches start going away after 1 week or so. In the meanwhile, apply cooling creams as prescribed by your doctor
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