6 Preventive Strategies for Teen Drug Abuse

6 Preventive Strategies for Teen Drug Abuse
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Parents, guardians and the community at large have the responsibility of preventing drug abuse among teens. As the common saying goes, prevention is better than cure, therefore, it is very important to implement preventive strategies for drug use.

Rise Recovery Service, the leading drug addiction treatment centre, shares some practical preventive strategies for drug use among teenagers.

Have your teens activities at your finger tips

The best and easiest way to know your teens activities is by just getting to know their friends and parents. This is an easy way to know who they spend their time with and what they do. Below are some questions you can ask your teen for you to them better:

  1. Who is your favourite artist?
  2. Who do you look up to?
  • What do you do for fun?
  1. What’s your favourite TV show and movies?
  2. Which are your best ways to handle stress?

These questions will help know their interests and hobbies and what influences them.

Pay attention to their whereabouts

When you know about your teen’s interests and the places they like visiting, you are likely to find out the activities and the locations they are at any particular time.

Occasionally when they seek permission to visit a particular place or friend, you can make impromptu visits to know what exactly they are doing.

Set rules and penalties

As a parent, guardian or caregiver, you can set rules for your family and teens. This includes attending parties, time to come back home and visits to their friends. You can also set the consequences of breaking any of the rules and make the teen aware of them.

In addition, you can involve them when making the rules so that they feel part of the overall agreement.

Track all prescriptions at home

Do not overlook any drug that you see at home. Take stock of all drugs in the house and any drug that a teenager can come with.

Further, get to know when they buy over the counter drugs and what they are for.

Offer support

Teens are most likely going to feel encouraged and great sense of motivation when they know they have your support. Often, give encouragement and commend them when they do something good.

This will encourage them to avoid instances of using drugs because over time they feel the appreciation you give them for good deeds.

Lead by example

Most young people learn by example set to them by their predecessors. If you are parent or a guardian and you are abusing drugs, you will have a challenge convincing your teen to avoid drugs.

One of the reasons that cause teens to abuse drugs is availability of the drugs and family history. Therefore, if they grow up in a family where drugs are available it is challenging to convince them not to take drugs because they learn from you as person.

In conclusion, it is possible for your teens to have a drug free life. The best you can do is be available for them, offer support, set a good example, set rule and know their activities and what they do for fun. In cases where it is out of control, engaging teenagers with specialized drug rehab centre near you . Rise Recovery Services is the leading rehab centre in Austin Texas with the best in-patient and outpatient facilities to support drug-addicted patients.

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