What does a prosthodontist do

What does a prosthodontist do
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Prosthodontists are dentists who have taken three more years of training to become specialists in the field of dentistry. Their work involves replacing teeth, and that can be several different procedures. A Prosthodontist Dentist in Spring, TX, for instance, can make your smile brighter by replacing teeth in different ways.

This can range from a single tooth, more than one, or all of the teeth a patient has.  This can also involve restorative surgery for someone who has serious facial injuries.

The most basic work is that of applying porecelain veneer. This is a very thin shell of ceramic like material to the front of a tooth, or a group of teeth. They are permanently bonded to teeth and can drastically change the appearance of someone’s smile. These veneers can change the color of teeth, and in some cases can fill in spaces between teeth.

Crowns are artificial covers, or tops, for teeth.  Crowns replace the surface of a tooth, as opposed to covering it like a veneer does. Crowns can be metal, ceramic or a combination of the two. Crowns are used to repair broken, or very decayed, teeth.

Dental implants are a surgery done by a different specialty, but prosthodontists design and actually place the crowns in the patients mouth. Prosthodontist Dentist Vestal NY have a lot of experience in this type of work.

Fixed bridges are another way that a prosthodontist can work on a person’s mouth. A bridge is formed when healthy teeth are used to support space where crowns have been installed to replace missing teeth.  They are artificial teeth and are connected to healthy teeth. 

Dentures are also installed by prostodontist dentists.  Dentures can be partial or complete, and they may be implant supported in some cases.




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