How Thyroid Disease Affects Men’s Sexual Life

How Thyroid Disease Affects Men’s Sexual Life
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Be your sexual function problems due to cardiovascular disease or emotional disorders, treatments are always available at However, when prescribing them, doctors often overlook one common cause of sexual disorders – a thyroid disease. We are all well-aware that low testosterone can cause low sex drive in men, but few of us are aware that there are other endocrinological disorders that can also affect men’s sex life.

Thyroid disorder manifests with a variety of disabling symptoms, most common of which is low sex drive. The disorder can be primary (due to the thyroid gland itself) and secondary (due to hypothalamus of pituitary gland failure). But both, even mild, hyper and hypo secretions of the gland may result in sexual complaints. Here’s how:

  • Low thyroid hormone slows the metabolism which directly affects the energy level and stamina. In this case people complain of unexplained tiredness and fatigue that affects their desire and interest in engaging in sexual encounters.
  • Depression, which is quite common in hypothyroid patients, is linked to poor interest in sexual activities.
  • Weight gain – the after-trouble of hypothyroidism – directly affects the mechanics of sexual intercourse. Men also tend to develop low self-esteem and poor self image, which further affects their sex life.
  • Even mild impairment in the gland function has its toll on other endocrine hormones balance, leading to adrenal function impairment and thereby affecting libido.
  • Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction by interfering with vascular system and neurological functions. Low testosterone alters libido and reduces frequency of nocturnal erections and ejaculate volume.
  • High prolactin levels interfere with libido and sexual function.
  • Chronic thyroid function impairment also elevates the risk of cardiovascular complications and damage, being a contributing factor to further sexual life deterioration.

If you have sexual problems but your thyroid hasn’t been checked yet, talk to your healthcare provider to test your thyroid stimulating hormone levels. This will help to determine the cause of primary pathology and address your hormonal needs by:

  • Oral generic drugs online once you are hypothyroid
  • Thyroid replacement therapy if you are proven hypothyroid
  • Dietary modification and weight management.

Remember, an effective treatment for thyroid disease leads to a healthy sex life.

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