Can you really pass a mouth swab drug test?

Can you really pass a mouth swab drug test?
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There are several ways to be tested for drug use and the most common of them are breath test, blood test, urine test, mouth swab test and hair test. Mouth swab test is the easiest to pass and there are so many ways and products that can help to neutralize drug in your mouth. This test is also known as saliva test or oral fluids test. It is tested so that saliva is collected inside the mouth and results can be seen in 10 minutes. Because of fast collecting of the samples and the fast result, it is so common these days. Many employers ask the employees to do a drug test before hiring them, or even have a regular drug test through the year. To know if your company will test you, check your employee’s rules and make sure to be prepared.

Which drugs can be detected with mouth swab test?

Can the drug that I use be detected with the mouth swab test? The answer is definitely yes! Everything that we drink, smoke or eat retain in our system and particularly in saliva. With some drugs, our body needs days or even months to clean it, but from saliva all substances go out within 3-4 days. Most common drugs that are tested with mouth swab are marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, meth, opiates, and alcohol. They stay in the saliva different amount of time. So, for example, alcohol stay about 24 hours, cannabis 24-48 hours, meth near 3 days, cocaine 48 hours, etc. Because of that, there are different ways to pass the mouth swab test which depends on what drug did you use.

Available products for drug detox

The best way to pass the test, of course, if you know when a test will happen, is do not use drugs before it. Refraining yourself from drugs is the best and the cheapest option, but if you can’t or you don’t know when will the drug test be conducted, there are couple of ways to pass it even then.

The gum is one of the best ways to detox saliva. You need to take it 30-45 minutes before the test. Another common way that is used for detoxification of saliva is detox mouthwash. In combination with thorough tooth brushing it gives perfect results. These two products are the most common choice for people who need to be ready for mouth swab drug test. Also, there are a couple more methods which can increase chances for possible negative result: drinking lots of water are must when you want to detox your body, and also eating a fatty meals is one of the best ways to reduce the number of drug particles in your mouth.

How to really pass mouth swab drug test?

All the things that are mentioned earlier are options and question that is really important is how to actually pass the test? The best way, and the one that offers the biggest number of negative results is to combine all the mentioned methods. Drink lots of water, buy one of the saliva detox products, such as mouthwash or gum, and brush teeth thoroughly. Also, I recommend buying a swab test and check yourself at home before the actual test to make sure you will pass it.

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