360 Back & Spine Center Offers Cervical Fusion in Grapevine, TX

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Orthopedic experts find that about two-thirds of the population experiences neck pain at some time in their lives. The upper spine that holds the skull is a delicate structure that is subject to normal wear and tear and is vulnerable to injuries. When neck pain begins to impact your ability to enjoy normal activities, you should seek medical treatment by an experienced spinal surgeon that can provide effective treatments, such as cervical fusion. Dr. Melanie Kinchen at 360 Back & Spine Center in Grapevine, TX can provide the treatment you need to restore full function without pain.

Common Neck Problems

The cervical spine is composed of seven bones that are located at the upper portion of the spine. Like the rest of the spinal column, these bones are separated by discs that are filled with a gel-like substance. This substance helps to cushion the vertebrae during movement. Over time, the discs can degenerate, leading to neck pain, stiffness or nerve impingement that causes numbness or tingling in the arms. The cervical spine can also be injured during accidents, leaving instability between the vertebrae that cause pain and problems with mobility. Your Grapevine physician can provide a number of treatments to aid neck pain and instability that can impair your ability to work and to play.

Cervical Fusion Can Relieve Pain and Improve Mobility

Cervical fusion is a surgical procedure that can help to stabilize damaged vertebrae and relieve pressure on the nerves in the neck and arms. The procedure uses bone grafts that heal the vertebrae together to form a more stable spinal structure. A number of different techniques are used for this process, one that goes through the front of the neck and the other that enters through the back of the neck. You will have to wear a neck brace for a period after surgery, and physical therapy is often recommended to ensure full range of motion.

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Contact 360 Back & Spine Center in Grapevine, TX To Learn About Cervical Fusion

Dr. Melanie Kinchen has over 15 years of experience in doing spine surgery to help patients in Grapevine, TX to achieve relief of pain and better function. She works closely with patients to understand their work and family needs, to ensure the best treatment that will help them recover quickly from neck and back problems. Call 360 Back & Spine Center today at 682-808-4392 for an appointment to discuss the cervical fusion procedure and to determine if it is the right treatment for your needs.

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