Your Natural Lash will Decide the Most Appropriate Eyelash Extensions for You

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You have planned to get eyelash extensions right after you’ve seen the enhanced beauty of your friend with the lash extensions.

But if you’re planning to get the same extensions as your friend’s, it can be a huge mistake because lash extensions are not one-size-fits-all.

It’s very important to choose the right curl, angle, length and thickness of your natural lashes so as to suit your eyes most perfectly and make them look beautiful.

Lash artists at consider all these factors and choose just the right lash extensions for you.

Curls and Angles of Natural Lashes

Checking the angle of your natural lashes is an important factor for you lash artist. There are three types of lash angles: straight, upwards and downwards.

The job of the lash artist becomes even more challenging when both your eyes have lashes in different angles.

In such a condition, she has to choose a perfect mix of different angles and get as even result as possible.


Retention of lash extensions differs from curl to curl. The curlier your lashes, the shorter will be the retention of your lash extensions.

J Curl

This curl of extensions gives the most natural look and is suitable if you have straight lashes pointing straight or upward.

B Curl

This gives straight natural lashes a little more lift than a J curl extensions. This is an excellent option for straight lashes pointing straight or upward as well as inner corner lashes.

Dramatic Curls

The C, D and U curls are famous for adding drama to your lashes.

C Curl

This is ideal for you if your natural lashes have a slight curl. It will create an open eye effect. It’s one of the most popular curls in the world.

D Curl

D curl or CC curl is quite similar to C curl; but it’s curlier. It’s perfect for you if you have downward-angled lashes and want a dramatic look.

U Curl

U curl or DD curl is the curliest curl and is perfect for you if you have downward-angled lashes and want show-stopping doll-like lashes.

Lash Extension Weight

Measuring the correct number of lash extensions for volume technique is very important.

When you get effective 2d lash extensions in Sydney, the D means Dimension. It denotes the amount of strands of extensions used to make a volume fan. There are 2D, 3D, 5D and even 20D lash extensions.

Measuring the correct volume fan size is done by understanding the thickness x weight relation of the lash extensions.


Length of lash extensions ranges from 5mm to 20mm.

The most popular lengths are 11 or 12mm. Choosing the length also depends on where the extension will be placed. For example, 5-9mm are used for under eyelash or inner corners.

By mixing 14mm or longer lashes, a hybrid volume effect can be created.

You may think that the longest lashes will look the most beautiful. However, you should remember that your lash condition will determine the length of extensions.

Your lash artist will explain if a longer lash would be too long for your natural lash and can cause premature falling.

So, you can know these various factors and choose the most appropriate lash extensions for you. That will give you the beautiful look you desire.

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