When should you see an Emergency Dentist?

When should you see an Emergency Dentist?
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How can you tell if your toothache is normal, or something you should be worried about? Those seemingly small issues can, at any time, turn into a toothache you cannot manage if left untreated. Some untreated dental issues can even have a significant impact on your overall health. With many different kinds of dental concerns, people often wonder if their condition is severe enough to demand a trip to the emergency dentist. Knowing when to go to emergency dentist Parramatta can be just as important. So here we have listed a few oral problems that should be taken seriously.

Severe Toothache: 

The severity of a toothache can be a sign that it’s time to visit your dentist for immediate relief. If the pain is minor or bearable, you can try some home remedies. But if the severity of pain increases or if the pain lingers, it’s time to call your emergency dentist. There are different causes behind a toothache that lasts, so proper diagnosis is essential. For example, persistent, unexplained, and severe pains can be a sign of gum disease and infection.

Gum Bleeding:

It is not something normal for the gums to bleed after flossing. It can be the early signs of early gum disease or gingivitis. However, if the bleeding is recurring, excessive, and leaves your gums aching, it’s crucial to see your dentist. Unexplained bleeding can be a sign of gum disease or periodontal disease. Catching these problems early is vital to keeping your gums and teeth healthy and intact. That’s because gum disease occurs in stages. Once it reaches a certain point, it can permanently damage your teeth. So seeing the dentist and creating a treatment plan right away can save your smile!

Sudden Tooth Loss:

Losing your teeth in adult age is a painful experience. It is also a cosmetic issue that can affect your life. If your tooth is broken or knocked-out, you should call your emergency dentist right away. You must act fast! If action is taken promptly, the tooth may remain viable and can possibly be replanted. When you call your emergency dentist, he may give you instructions to preserve the tooth until you reach his office. If in case your tooth couldn’t be restored, cosmetic dentist Parramatta will choose the best cosmetic procedure and restore your smile. In either case, you must visit an emergency dentist and get your first aid.

Painful Swelling:

Swelling in the mouth accompanied by pain, can result from an infection in teeth or gums, also known as an abscess. A tooth abscess is a pocket filled with pus that develops as a result of bacterial infection in the mouth. This infection can be potentially life-threatening, as untreated infections can get into the bloodstream and cause serious health problems. An abscess won’t go away on its own. Hence it is vital to be seen by a dentist quickly.

In closing, if you have any dental problem that requires treatment right away to save your tooth, decrease swelling, alleviate pain, or stop bleeding, that is considered an emergency. Please don’t hesitate to call the emergency dentist Parramatta immediately.

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