What should you know about the best teeth whitening kits

What should you know about the best teeth whitening kits
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Today, we live in a world of quick-fixes. Most of us don’t have the time or the intention to get into the root of the problem and identify the same. Manufacturers of products and services have capitalized on this very character of consumers and are coming up with new releases to correct every problem that you may have. Teeth whitening kits are the best example for this fact. You teeth may start yellow and then become brown due to the accumulation of food and tar inside the edges, plaque problems or gum infections.

What do we do? Do we get into the root of the problem and try to remove these issues? No, we just refer to the internet to check on the best teeth whitening kits in the market. We invest in them, get our smile and teeth perfected and carry on with a new-found confidence. Do these kits work in the long run? No, according to experts! Here are some things that you have to know before you choose these kits.

Buildings cannot be built on a weak foundation

You have to remember this point when you want to whiten your teeth. If your teeth are already in a bad condition due to gum infections, plaque, gingivitis, root problems, cavities, irregular formation and the like, you cannot and should not go in for a whitening process. Why? Your teeth don’t have the strength to respond to this treatment and they give away too easily. So, the first takeaway is that teeth whitening process is only by those people who have healthy teeth.

Teeth don’t remain white forever

You have got to admit that your teeth are not going to stay white forever, even if you have tried the best teeth whitening kits in the world. There are lots of factors that affect this – your daily diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, age, current medical condition, etc. Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain excellent oral care hygiene, whitening stays on your teeth for a maximum of 2 years only.

Wrong fit of the tray can cause severe gum damages

The whitening gel that is applied on your teeth is done so after your teeth are comfortably seated on trays. The size of the tray plays a big role in the success of this process. If the tray doesn’t fit properly, the gel can spill out and touch your gums. This gel contains bleaching agents in and it can cause severe damages to your gum when it gets spilled over.

Professional recommendation is a must

Irrespective of the health of your teeth, if you want to whiten them, you have to take the professional advice of a dentist. He would check your teeth and let you know which method would be right for you, whether you need whitening at all in the first place, what are the risks involved in the process and the side-effects if any. This will help you to be better prepared to experience the results of the teeth –whitening process. When you get it done from a professional, you can rest assured that you are teeth are taken care of properly.

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