Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Ways to Prevent Diabetes
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According to Harvard University, more than 24 million individuals in the United States have diabetes. Although we can’t prevent all cases of diabetes in the U.S., preventative health in Dallas, TX has the potential to reduce cases in patients in the surrounding area. Through lifestyle changes and developing healthy habits, you have the potential to reduce your chances of diabetes and the complications that come with it such as blindness and kidney failure.

Start Exercising

No matter your weight, age and current level of health, it’s never too early to start exercising. If you struggle to make it a point to meet the exercise recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, keep busy each day in other ways. Incorporate movement into your daily routine by turning on some music and dancing while you clean the house. Take you and your family out for a walk on a regular basis. Pick new areas to walk to keep it exciting. If you do watch television, set up an exercise bike in front of the TV, so you can enjoy exercising.

Reduce Your Body Mass Index

Being overweight increases your risk of type II diabetes. During a visit with us, learn what your BMI is and strive to reduce your weight until you reach a healthy reading. It’s vital you lose weight in a healthy way and slowly over time, and our facility can help. Keep in mind, losing just seven to 10 pounds will decrease your likelihood of developing type II diabetes.

Opt for Whole Grains

Refined sugars cause spikes in your blood sugar that result in your body responding by increasing the amount of insulin produced. By switching from white bread, white pasta and white rice to wheat bread, wheat pasta and wheat rice, you’ll reduce the amount of spikes you have in your blood sugar and decrease the amount of insulin your body produces to combat these increases in blood glucose levels.

Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep

It’s not healthy for your body to sleep only a few hours each night, even if you don’t feel tired throughout the day. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep. Those who don’t sleep an adequate amount tend to be more hungry. By making it a point to go to bed early, you’ll be less stressed and won’t be as hungry.

Know Your Sugar Level

Always see a doctor annually for preventative health in Dallas, TX. A doctor tests your blood glucose levels at your appointment. You’ll be aware if you have any issues with high sugar levels. Detecting pre-diabetes or diabetes early gives you the best prognosis in terms of treatment. As diabetes progresses, cardiovascular and nerve complications may occur and could be irreversible.


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