Top 4 Roles and Responsibilities of a Foot Care Nurse

Top 4 Roles and Responsibilities of a Foot Care Nurse
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We may look after out fitness and beauty, but very few really care about their feet. Your feet are the only things that get exhausted and strained most often. We should opt for private foot care nurses from platforms such as A Plus mobile foot care to provide your feet with full hygiene and health.

Following are few things that a foot care nurse should do before and upon hiring:

  1. Assimilate All The Supplies

A good foot care nurse will always come prepared. She carries her own stuff such as soap, lotion, washcloths, towel, gloves, basin, warm water, gloves and linin bag. They don’t believe in wasting client’s time as they come quite prepared and well-organized. Few of them give their clients the options to choose from soap varieties and lotions depending on their health or allergy conditions.

  1. Perform Pre-Procedure Tasks

A foot care nurse knows how to maintain her own hygiene. He or she will keep her hands clean and hygienic always. These nurses are well-trained to be calm, courteous, respectful and professional throughout with their clients. They know how to maintain privacy and identify the home location of clients. These nurses explain the entire foot care procedure to the clients.

  1. The Technical Know-How

A good foot care nurse knows how to carry on the entire foot care procedure. He or she will perform all the tasks (including applying lotions) wearing hand gloves. They are trained in dealing with patients suffering from diabetic foot too. They allow the clients check the water temperature before asking them to immerse their feet in the basin. After they are done with the entire procedure, they will return all the equipment and stuff to their respective places.

  1. Post – Procedure Tasks

A good registered foot care nurse from online sites such as A Plus mobile foot care knows to maintain hygiene throughout right from the start. They will always check for clients’ comfort. They ensure the bed is locked at a comfortable position. They will pace the call device within the reach of the client. Lastly, they will document any change noted in the skin or foot condition of the client or patient.

For any foot care nurse, it is important to understand the roles and responsibilities as few may be changed or added according to the instructions of the clients. Their prime responsibility is client’s foot hygiene and satisfaction.

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