Tips To Prevent Shoe Bite In Wedding Season

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Shoe bites are a common cause of irritation and pain. These occur when your shoes do not fit properly and this causes friction between the skin and the shoe. This can be especially annoying when wearing new shoes or tight-fitting shoes that you have worn for a long time.

Toe blisters are usually caused by friction between your toes and the inside of your shoes. This friction can result in painful red spots on the top of each toe. Blisters can also develop if you wear ill-fitting shoes that rub against your toes causing them to swell up and burst open resulting in an infection known as cellulitis.

The wedding season is here and you are looking forward to wearing the latest shoes. But then you find that the shoe is too tight. The toes feel pinched and uncomfortable. You try wearing it but it still hurts. This is one of the most common problems faced by women during the wedding season, so here are some tips to prevent shoe bites:

1) Use a shoe-bite cream: An anti-shoebite cream or a gel is the best prevention technique. Choose a transparent gel-based shoe bite protector or a shoe bite cream that works like a barrier between your shoe and skin. There are plenty of shoebite solutions available for the treatment of shoebite and prevention too. These anti shoebite gel act as a strong but invisible barrier between yous skin and shoe and protect you for long hours!

2) Buy comfortable shoes: Shoes should be selected according to your comfort level and must be worn for long durations without causing any discomfort. You should wear comfortable shoes throughout your wedding season. It is important to have a pair of shoes that fit well and not squeeze your toes or put pressure on the heel area. You can also wear bandages around the toes if this helps relieve discomfort when wearing your shoes.

3) Choose good quality leather: Shoes made of good quality leather will last longer than those made of synthetic material. So look for shoes made of good quality leather before purchasing them from a shoe store. Also make sure that the pair you are buying fits well before buying them as shoes may not be returned once bought from a store if they do not fit correctly.

4) Wear socks: Wearing socks inside your shoes will help keep your feet dry as well as protect them from friction between the skin and shoes

5) Wear sandals: Sandals are a great option to beat the heat during summer and when you are on the move! They allow air circulation and let your feet breathe.


6) Try a few different styles

Try on different styles so that you can find one that fits you well and makes you look great as well. A good shoe should be comfortable and not cause any pain or discomfort while walking in them

7). Buy a size up if needed

If you have wide feet then buy a size up from what you usually wear because it will be easier for the shoe to stretch out over time than if you were to buy a smaller size which would likely end up hurting your feet too much once worn for long periods of time.

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