Tips To Help Promote Your Nail Growth

Tips To Help Promote Your Nail Growth
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3.5 millimeters a month. This is the average speed at which your nails grow.  At this rate, it is better to take care of these little darlings. Here are some tips to promote nail growth.

Little anatomy lesson

From the matrix to the root, nail bed, lunula, and the cuticle – the nail is like a mille-feuille made of both the invisible and visible layers superimposed. The nail growth starts at the level of the matrix, which is the keratin plant. This protein that allows your nails to grow and gives them strength. 

It is therefore from the inside that nail growth begins, following a relatively slow process of 0.01 millimeters per day. It takes about 4 to 6 months for the nail of one of your fingers to regenerate completely, and 12 to 18 months for the nails of your toes, which need even more time before being completely renewed.


Take good eating habits

The beauty of nails goes through a healthy and balanced diet. Some nutrients act like real fertilizers that stimulate nail growth:

  • Proteins: are essential for the formation of the keratin necessary for the growth of the nails. You will find eggs, fish, meats, dairy products, but also some vegetables (dried tomatoes, beans, lentils, etc.)
  • Essential fatty acids that are often found in vegetable oils are also great for promoting nail growth
  • Iron (found in meats and pulses) and magnesium (found in seafood and green vegetables) will strengthen the strength of the nails
  • A slew of vitamins, such as vitamin B (to name only), help hydrate your nails
  • The brewer’s yeast will increase their resistance


Daily care

Do you feel stressed? This is not a reason to take your nails, they are for nothing, and doesn’t contribute in any way to your stress! So you should stop biting your nails at every turn to give them a chance to flourish a little bit. For the rest, good hydration with creams or olive oil or sweet almond will work miracles by nourishing the driest hands. 

You can also get some nail supplements like the ones on SynerG supplements and make sure you ban acetone-based solvents from your makeup bag and avoid chemicals such as some nail-drying detergents.

In order not to slow down this endless nail growth, keep in mind that nails are living tissues that are part of your body. So that they can continue to grow in the best conditions, they must not be constantly smothered under a layer of varnish. Manicure care is beneficial for the aesthetics and health of your hands but in small doses!

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